Small, Fast and Available

Maxtor's hard drive holds large amounts of data


Maxtor Corp. is shipping a 40GB external hard drive with USB 2.0 connectivity: the Personal Storage 3000LE.


Officials of the Milpitas, Calif., company said the connection is backward-compatible with and 40 times faster than the Universal Serial Bus 1.1 standard and operates at 5,400 rpm. Such capacity could hold 10,000 4-minute MP3 files, 40,000 high-resolution digital photos in JPEG format, 40 hours of digital video in MPEG format or about 1,000 video games.


For computers without a USB 2.0 connection, Maxtor will offer a PCI adapter card for $49.95. The card will have four external and one internal high-speed ports.

The drive itself costs $199.95.