Startup Bets EMC; Lack of CRM Support Riles Redmond

Last week, while weeding out his inbox, The Katt came across a note from DataCore challenging EMC to a product shootout.

Last week, while weeding out his inbox, The Katt came across a note from DataCore challenging EMC to a product shootout. DataCore, a storage virtualization software startup, is betting a new Porsche 911 Turbo, as well as a $137,140 charitable donation, that its SANsymphony product is faster than EMCs Symmetrix. El Gato could only assume that the choice of a 911 Turbo was a fairly cryptic inside joke on DataCores part—that particular vehicle also happens to be EMC CEO Joe Tuccis ride.

Spencer called EMC spokesman Mike OMalley to see what his company thought of DataCores challenge. "Its clearly a desperate marketing effort. They should be investing that money elsewhere, like in engineering," said OMalley. When the Kitty inquired whether EMC would accept the bet, OMalley replied, "Were too busy helping our customers, rather than deal with publicity stunts."

The Furry One has heard whispers that the Microsoft platform group may be doing a slow burn because few major CRM vendors have been embracing .Net. According to a Tabby tattler, Redmonds anger is most likely aimed at vendors such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, E.piphany and Kana, which have cuddled up with Java rather than Microsofts own forthcoming CRM wares. The tipster also said that a Microsoft insider fears itll be a year or two before Microsoft delivers the "real" CRM goodies. Purchase the more pedestrian first rev (due for release next quarter) at your own peril, said the tipster, because upgrading to the "purer" .Net in the second release could be tricky.

Whats so funny about including a football in a promotional package that accompanied an invite to last weeks launch party for the companys new Team Edition hosted service? "Not much, unless you take into account that the party was dubbed The No Software World Series and took place at Pac Bell Park in San Francisco, where the Giants play baseball," cackled the Kitty.

Unfortunately, the original launch party was planned for the 49ers game across town at 3Com Park, but the venue was changed before the football order could be. "Fourth down, time to punt the PR people," laughed the Lynx.

Always a sucker for browser tricks, the Kitty readily obeyed when a Katt crony told him to do a Google search for "go to hell"—with quotation marks. The Kitty smiled when "Microsoft Corporation, Where do you want to go today?" was the first result, followed by

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