Storage Digest: News from Adaptec, Gateway, Promise, Dot Hill

Faster Processors, Greater Scalability for Snap Server 4500 ... Gateway Unveils Three Server and Storage Products ... Promise Announces Three Host-based SATA RAID Controllers ... Dot Hill's SANnet Certified for Veritas

Two major vendors have announced expansions of their NAS products, while a third has announced a new Serial ATA RAID product focusing on speed and flexibility. And Dot Hill, a SAN and Fibre Channel vendor, has announced that its SANnet II now works with Veritas products for Linux.

  • Faster Processors, Greater Scalability for Snap Server 4500

Adaptec Inc. of Milpitas, Calif., has upgraded its Snap Server 4500, an iSCSI-enabled IP SAN RAID solution, with a faster processor and greater capacity.

The Snap Server 4500, which offers on-the-fly scalability and provisioning and cross-platform file sharing, generally is used for IP SAN configurations, departmental storage, nearline storage, disk-to-disk backup and remote office uses, according to Mark Pollard, the companys vice president of marketing.

In addition to offering a 3.0GHz Pentium processor, the Snap Server is now available in a 1.6TB configuration. By adding up to three Snap Disk 30 expansion arrays, organizations can reach a total capacity of 13.6TB.

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  • Gateway Unveils Three Server and Storage Products

Gateway Inc. of Irvine, Calif., Tuesday unveiled three products aimed at the education, government and business markets.

The Gateway 9715 four-way rack-mount server, a high-performance platform for enterprise applications and database deployments, supports quad 64-bit Intel Xion MP processors with 667MHz FSB, 1MB cache and EM64T.

With up to four "hot-plug" memory boards, the 9715 also provides dual integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards, 10 hot-swap drive bays, and up to 3TB of internal storage. It starts at $3,999.

Gateway also introduced the 9315 Storage Server, built on the companys existing Gateway 9315 server, and the 9415 Storage Server, based on Gateways 9415 server.

Both offer new NAS (network-attached storage) features like print server, backup appliance and the ability to attach external storage, said Tim Diefenthaler, senior director of server product marketing. The 9315 Storage Server, with 800MHz FSB (frontside bus), has three internal SATA hard drives with support for RAID 5, PCI0X and PCIe.

The 9415 Storage Server also offers 800MHz FSB and integrates three hot-swap SCSI drive bays with RAID 5 capability and dual-redundant, hot-swap power supplies in a 1.75-inch chassis.

The 9415 Storage Server also offers up to 900GB of raw internal storage. The 9315 Storage Server costs $2,197, while the 9415 Storage server costs $2,098.

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  • Promise Announces Three Host-based SATA RAID Controllers

Promise Technology Inc., a Milpitas, Calif., vendor focusing on SATA (Serial ATA) RAID products, has announced three new host-based SATA RAID controllers.

The FastTrak SX4300/8300 and SuperTrak EX8350 are multi-port, host-based, low-profile SATA RAID controllers with 3GB per second per port, and offer support for multiple RAID levels.

Both also include the companys WebPAM (Web-based Promise Array Manager) storage management software, online array expansion and RAID-level migration to add capacity on demand.

The controllers also offer additional data protection technology including PerfectRAID for error handling and recovery, as well as a series of RAID array features, including multiple logical drive support, online capacity expansion and RAID level migration.

The SuperTrak EX8350, an eight-port SATA RAID controller with 3.0 GB per second per port, provides a PCI-Express 4x Host Bus Interface up to 1GB per second, an open-source Linux driver architecture, SATA port multiplier support and multiple LUN (logical unit number) support.

The controller, based on an Intel IOP333 I/O processor with Intel Xscale technology, also offers support for RAID 6.

All three controllers provide SATA II compatibility, NCQ (Native Command Queuing), staggered spin-up, drive hot swap and disk activity LED headers support. They will be available in late June.

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  • Dot Hills SANnet Certified for Veritas

The SANnet II Fibre Channel storage networking product from Dot Hill of Carlsbad, Calif., has been certified as interoperable with Veritas Volume Manager, Cluster Server SANPoint Control, Storage Foundation Cluster File System and Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC software products running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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