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ADIC unveils intelligent midrange library platform ... ProStor Systems introduces disk-based replacement for tape ... NetEx launches system for protecting and accelerating data on WANs ... EMC, BearingPoint collaborate on storage management solution ... M

ADIC introduces a new tape library platform, ProStor introduces a disk cartridge designed as a replacement to tape, NetEx introduces an encrypted replication solution, EMC and BearingPoint join forces to help users integrate storage management into their IT infrastructures, MaXXan adds data-at-rest encryption support to its MXV series, Fortiva enhances its e-mail archiving suite, ONStor and Xiotech introduce a new NAS solution, SimpleTech introduces a small 4GB hard drive, and Crosswalk offers a bundled NAS solution.
  • ADIC Unveils Intelligent Midrange Library Platform

Advanced Digital Information Corp. of Redmond, Wash., has introduced a new tape library platform designed to improve the effectiveness of backups in midrange environments.

The Scalar i500, a single, continuous robotics system that uses ADICs iPlatform architecture and iLayer management approach, integrates SMI-S support, allowing it to be managed by third-party SRM (storage resource management) tools.

Users choose from one of three preconfigured base systems and can add expansion modules or activate capacity-on-demand tape positions using a software key to scale them. The tape library platform accommodates up to 18 LTO (Linear Tape Open) drives and up to 404 tapes.

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  • ProStor Systems Introduces Disk-Based Replacement for Tape

ProStor Systems of Boulder, Colo., has introduced removable disk cartridge designed to replace tape for backup, disaster recovery and archive solutions.

The RDX technology offers random access data protection for servers and workstations via a high-capacity 2.5-inch hard disk drive in a shock-proof mounting system.

The technology is based on ProStors Adaptive Archival technology, which overlays the error correction of hard disks and is designed to eliminate data degradation.

RDX technology also offers a 30MB per second data rate, allowing it to back up data much more quickly than tape.

RDX cartridges range from 60GB to 400GB. Other features include an option for WORM configurations, as well as data compression and encryption.

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  • NetEx Launches System for Protecting and Accelerating Data on WANs

Data transport solution vendor NetEx of Minneapolis, Minn., has introduced a new replication product that encrypts data over WANs while reducing bandwidth requirements by up to 90 percent and achieving up to a 10-times increase in data throughput.

HyperShield provides both data replication acceleration and data encryption as a result of its partnership with CipherOptics, a Raleigh, N.C.-based vendor offering data protection solutions.

The combination of technologies results in a product that reduces the time required to replicate large amounts of data securely between sites.

HyperShield, which accelerates and protects replication applications from vendors including EMC, NetApp, Symantec and Oracle, also provides full Ethernet wire-rate data encryption performance, offloads WAN management from the application server or storage controller, features Rate Control functionality to enable bandwidth sharing, and helps eliminate network latency.

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  • EMC, BearingPoint Collaborate on Storage Management Solution

EMC Corp. of Hopkinton, Mass., and BearingPoint of McLean, Va., have joined forces to develop EMC-BearingPoint Framework Integration Services, a series of ILM (information lifecycle management) solutions to help organizations integrate storage alert, monitoring and incident management into enterprise systems management and network management software from a variety of vendors.

The solution combines EMCs ControlCenter storage management software and its ITIL-based (IT Infrastructure Library) methodology with solutions from BearingPoints services management practice.

The goal, said EMC Executive Vice President David Goulden, is to offer users the capabilities to proactively and more efficiently manage their IT infrastructures.

The EMC-BearingPoint Framework Integration Services is the first of a planned series of services and technology solutions designed to help organizations manage and protect information throughout its lifecycle.

The next solutions will be the EMC-BearingPoint Mortgage Loan Origination Solution, combining EMCs storage platforms and content management software with BearingPoints professional services to help financial institutions process loans more efficiently.

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  • MaXXan Adds Encryption Support to MXV Series

The MaXXan MXV SSAP (Secure Storage Application Platform) now offers high-speed data-at-rest encryption of tapes, disks and virtual tapes by adding an Encrypting Line Card.

The upgrade was made to enable data to be encrypted across large IT environments in a scalable fashion, according to Jon Ash, vice president of sales and marketing at MaXXan Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif.

The MXV platform with encryption will ship in the first quarter of 2006.

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  • Fortiva Enhances E-Mail Archiving Suite

Fortiva Inc. of San Diego, Calif., has added several features to its Fortiva Suite managed e-mail archiving solution designed to improve internal controls and business efficiencies.

The newest version of the Fortiva Suite offers review of policy violations by subject-matter experts, searching of archives from Microsoft Outlook in real time, automated synchronization with Active Directory groups, importing of PST files, and highlighting of keyword violations.

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  • ONStor, Xiotech Team on NAS

ONStor Inc. of Los Gatos, Calif., has teamed with Xiotech Corp. of Eden Prairie, Minn., to offer a NAS (network attached storage) system that scales up to 40 petabytes.

The ONStor/Xiotech Scalable NAS Solution, which combines ONStors NAS Gateway technology with Xiotechs Magnitude 3D Storage solution, offers a highly available and scalable NAS solution to mid-sized and large enterprises.

The solution also allows organizations to choose the class of storage they implement—SATA (Serial ATA) drives or Fibre Channel drives—enabling them to balance performance requirements and control costs. The solution also allows users to configure settings easily.

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  • SimpleTech Announces Tiny 4GB Hard Drive

SimpleTech Inc. of Santa Ana, Calif., has introduced a 1-inch external USB hard drive designed for mobile users.

The SimpleDrive Mini, initially available with 4GB, is roughly the size of a business card and weighs 45 grams.

It is powered by and communicates with a host computer via a built-in retractable USB cord and works with both Windows and Mac platforms. The plug-and-play device requires no additional drivers.

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  • Crosswalk Launches NAS Management Tool

Crosswalk Inc. of Westminster, Colo., has bundled together a series of NAS-related products designed to allow users to customize the monitoring and reporting of multiple distributed NAS systems.

The Crosswalk Storage Manager NAS Bundle includes the Crosswalk Storage Manager software suite, centralized device consoles with file analysis drill-downs, monitoring and trending of volumes, qTrees and vFilers, SnapVault and SnapMirror support, trending and forecasting of volumes and share-level analysis.

The bundle, which starts at less than $9,000, will allow organizations to better optimize NAS resource utilization; perform real-time storage and data classification, trending and forecasting; monitor the use of storage and data resources, consolidate enterprise monitoring of multiple systems; and diagnose systems in detail.

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