Storage Digest: News from Blue Coat Systems, LSI Logic, Sony Electronics, FalconStor

NetApp Sells NetCache Business to BlueCoat ... LSI Logic Certifies Revivio for Engenio ... Sony Electronics Doubles Capacity of AIT ... FalconStor Introduces De-Duplication Software Service.

BlueCoat buys NetApps NetCache, LSI Logic certifies Revivio CDP with its Engenio storage arrays, Sony Electronics upgrades its AIT tape format and FalconStor introduces a de-duplication software service.

  • NetApp Sells NetCache Business to BlueCoat

Blue Coat Systems of Sunnyvale, Calif., has purchased the NetCache business from Network Appliance. NetCache products consist of a set of Web delivery and security appliances designed for deployment across networks. It scales cached storage from 70GB to 2.4TB. According to Blue Coat president Brian NeSmith, the purchase will allow the company to move closer toward its vision of secure and accelerated delivery of applications and content to users.

"The foundational element of the application delivery infrastructure is the proxy, and existing NetCache customers certainly understand the power of the proxy," NeSmith said.

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  • LSI Logic Certifies Revivio for Engenio

LSI Logic of Milpitas, Calif., has certified that its Revivio CDP (continuous data protection) 1200 appliance will work seamlessly with its Engenio storage arrays.

By combining the CDP capabilities of Revivio with the Engenio family of storage arrays, customers will be assured that they have an iron-clad solution for backup, recovery and data management that can restore mission-critical data quickly if a major data loss occurs, according to John Hamilton, Revivios vice president of business development.

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  • Sony Electronics Doubles Capacity of AIT

Sony Electronics of San Diego, Calif., has introduced a new version of its AIT (advanced intelligent tape) format, effectively doubling the capacity to 400GB.

The new version, AIT-5, which is backwards-compatible, retains its 3.5-inch drive form factor and uses an 8mm media cassette. It has a native transfer rate of up to 24MB per second and can store up to 1.04TB per cartridge and 225GB per hour with 2.6:1 data compression.

Full availability of the AIT-5 is expected this fall.

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  • FalconStor Introduces De-Duplication Software Service

FalconStor Software of Melville, N.Y., has introduced SIR (single instance repository), a de-duplication software service built on the companys IPStor technology.

FalconStor SIR works with companies existing backup set-ups through integration with FalconStors VTL (virtual tape library) solution, helping organizations create more efficient and scalable backup and archiving.

FalconStor SIR uses a companys existing SAN (storage area network) storage for both VTL and the SIR repository, promotes reliability through active-active clustering, and provides disaster recovery through secure remote replication.

According to the company, the service decreases costs by: reducing storage requirements for backup and archiving; reducing WAN requirements for remote VTL replication; analyzing, identifying and storing only unique data blocks and files; optimizing encryption; providing version tracking within the data repository; offering new capabilities in file retrieval directly from the repository by version or time/date without having to go through the backup software; enabling user-directed recovery directly from the repository; and expanding the amount of recovery points that can be kept on disk.

SIR can be deployed as a separate appliance, as a high availability cluster, or as a software-add on to existing VTL applications.

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