Storage Digest: News from CRU-DataPort, LiveOffice, Denali, Amacom

SATA Storage Enclosures support SATA, IDE/ATA hard drives ... New search technology for AdvisorMail ... EDA tool vendor, semiconductor company develop IP solutions for SATA ... Amacom upgrades Flipback PC backup application.

Serial ATA is front and center this week, with CRU-DataPort announcing a new line of SATA external storage enclosures and two electronics companies joining forces to develop IP solutions for SATA. In addition, LiveOffice enhances AdvisorMail, while Amacom upgrades its PC backup application.
  • SATA Storage Enclosures Support SATA, IDE/ATA Hard Drives

CRU-DataPort has announced a new line of SATA (Serial ATA) external storage enclosures that support both SATA and IDE/ATA hard drives.

DataPort Serial ATA Storage Enclosures, which come in both two-drive and four-drive configurations, support 150MB-per-second transfer rates per drive. Each chassis contains DataPort removable drive carriers and cooling fans.

By using CRU-DataPorts optional IDE-to-Serial ATA removable drive carriers, the SATA Storage Enclosures also can support IDE/ATA hard drives, which can help organizations transition from IDE to SATA drives, according to Jon Johnson, executive director of marketing for the Vancouver, Wash.-based company.

Prices average $198 for the two-drive model and $425 for the four-drive model.

Get more information here, in PDF form.

  • New Search Technology for AdvisorMail

AdvisorMail, a tool that helps organizations electronically monitor, archive and retrieve e-mails, attachments and instant messages, now offers more advanced search technology aimed at satisfying regulatory requirements and litigations requests.

The new Global Power Search technology from AdvisorMail provider LiveOffice Corp. of Torrance, Calif., allows users to conduct full text searches and download specific search results in several PST (personal storage files) or EML (ecological metadata language) formats to non-rewritable media such as DVDs and CDs.

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  • EDA Tool Vendor, Semiconductor Company Develop IP Solutions for SATA

Denali Software Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif., a vendor of EDA (electronic design automation) tools and IP (intellectual property) solutions, and TaraCom Integrated Products Inc., a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based fabless semiconductor company that builds high-speed mixed signal integrated circuit products, have joined forces to develop IP solutions for Serial ATA (SATA) design, verification and deployment.

The integrated solution includes Denalis Databahn design IP for controlling SATA devices with TaraComs TRC3002 SATA physical layer IP and Denalis PureSpec verification IP.

The combination of technologies can help developers rapidly deploy SATA designs for future electronic products, according to TaraCom CEO Farhad Haghighi.

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  • Amacom Upgrades Flipback PC Backup Application

Amacom Technologies U.S. Ltd., a portable storage vendor based in Atherton, Calif., has upgraded its Flipback PC backup application with additional functionality.

Flipback Version 3.0, part of the companys Flip2disk portable hard drive family, includes selective synchronization, which speeds backups, as well as the ability to profile automatic backups.

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