Storage Digest: News from DataDirect Networks, Lucid8, Cutting Edge and Emulex

DataDirect unveils SATA-based archive solution ... Lucid Introduces DigiVault 1.4 ... Cutting Edge creates company to foster ANStor64 OS ... Emulex HBAs supported by VMware Infrastructure 3.

DataDirect Networks introduces a feature-rich archive solution, Lucid8 Upgrades DigiVault, Cutting Edge Begets ANStor64 and VMware Infrastructure 3 with support Emulex HBAs.

  • DataDirect Unveils SATA-Based Archive Solution

Network storage vendor DataDirect Networks Inc. of Chatsworth, Calif., has introduced an archive storage solution designed to provide rich functionality at a lower cost than traditional enterprise-level solutions.

The Silicon Storage Appliance (S2A) 9500 SATA disk-based archive solution, which scales up to 480TB via a 48-slot high-density disk drive chassis, uses a parallel parity processing engine for real-time parity checking of read/IOs.

The S2A9500s Disk Controller Engine manages SATA disk drive latencies, while its DirectRAID technology provides RAID 6 data protection. The product also provides 20 Fibre Channel interconnects to storage. Get more information here.

  • Lucid Introduces DigiVault 1.4

Lucid8 of Bellevue, Wash., has introduced a new version of its DigiVault CDP (continuous data protection) recovery product for Microsoft Exchange. DigiVault is a module of Lucid8s Enterprise System Protector.

DigiVault 1.4 now offers advanced clustering support; more redundancy for repository storage services; multi-threading for faster, simultaneous backups; and more management functions. Security is enhanced through user-supplied encryption keys.

DigiVault 1.4, available immediately, starts at $695 for 25 mailboxes.

Get more information here.

  • Cutting Edge Creates Company to Foster ANStor64 OS

Cutting Edge of El Cajon, Calif., has created a new company focused on increasing the use of its ANStor64 operating system software in IP storage appliances and systems.

The new company, called ANStor64, will sell Cutting Edges pre-configured 64-bit capable software, based on the latest Linux kernel 2.6, to integrators, resellers and OEMs.

The software includes built-in remote replication for disk-to-disk backup, mirroring, IP failover, multiple snapshots, iSCSI target and initiator, Web-based management and security features.

The software, which will be sold as a disk-on-module device that plugs into an IDE port on Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron servers, will turn those servers into a NAS (network-attached storage), iSCSI or combination appliance. It also can be used as a diskless NAS head for SAN applications, according to Cutting Edge CEO Michael Ehman.

/zimages/4/28571.gifStorage software market continues its growth, IDC reports. Click here to read more.

The ANStor64 OS software will be available by the end of June, at $750 for the iSCSI version and $1,200 for the NAS version. The combination version, which allows the same server to act both as a NAS appliance and an iSCSI array, will cost $1,500.

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  • Emulex HBAs Supported by VMware Infrastructure 3

Storage virtualization software VMware Infrastructure 3 from VMWare of Palo Alto, Calif., will support the LightPulse family of HBAs (host bus adapters) from Emulex of Costa Mesa, Calif.

All of the LightPulse HBAs are included, and Emulex HBA drivers are available and supported by VMware, according to Mike Smith, Emulexs executive vice president of worldwide marketing.

Get more information here.

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