Storage Digest: News from EMC, Xiotech, Quantum, NuView

EMC enhances Centera, expands consulting services ... Quantum offers remote monitoring and diagnostic service ... Xiotech announces mobile SAN for government ... New version of ILM software stresses scalability, ease of use

EMC shores up Centera and consulting services, while Quantums new monitoring and diagnostic service addresses customer need for greater reliability and speed. Xiotech focuses on the government market with a mobile SAN offering, while NuView releases a new version of its ILM solution.
  • EMC Enhances Centera, Expands Consulting Services

EMC Corp. of Hopkinton, Mass., has enhanced the software surrounding its Centera CAS (content addressed storage) system.

Primary changes include new virtual pooling and remote replication software, allowing the product to act as a central archive that collects and stores the fixed content of multiple business applications.

Centeras new virtual pooling capabilities allow users to create storage pools when needed.

When used with the new replication features, users can choose which pools they want to replicate. The replication software also supports chain and star-like configurations.

EMC also announced more comprehensive consulting services under a new umbrella called EMC Consulting.

New offerings include Classification and Policy Services for ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) and compliance; Architecture and Consolidation Services such as EMCs best practice planning methodology; Storage Management Organization Services such as the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework; and Information Protection Services for business continuity and disaster recovery.

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  • Quantum Offers Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Service

Quantum Corp. of San Jose, Calif., has announced a remote monitoring and diagnostic service that proactively monitors the health of storage systems, searching for errors.

If errors are found, the system alerts Quantum via a Web interface to fix the problem quickly.

The goal of the service, called StorageCare Guardian, is to create more reliable backups and fix problems more quickly, according to Todd Kreter, vice president of global services and quality for Quantum.

Company executives believe the service can reduce the time it takes to resolve a backup failure by at least 70 percent.

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  • Xiotech Announces Mobile SAN for Government

Xiotech Corp. has introduced a mobile SAN (storage area network) aimed at allowing government organizations to deploy and relocate SANs quickly.

Based on the Eden Prairie, Minn., companys Magnitude 3D enterprise clustering solution, the Magnitude 3D 1000m is a modular storage system that can be quickly transported and deployed.

The products ability to move data quickly in case of emergency or be used as a mobile field lab for collecting and analyzing digital evidence is what makes it unique, according to Mike Stoltz, Xiotechs vice president of marketing.

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  • New Version of ILM Software Stresses Scalability, Ease of Use

The newest version of FLM (File Lifecycle Manager) from NuView Inc. of Houston, Texas, offers a host of new features, including support for simultaneous NFS- and CIFS-accessible data on Network Appliance Filers, a new policy designed to maximize utilization, a new policy to help improve scalability, and a new policy to simplify administration.

Version 3.0 focuses on new policies, all based on ensuring that the primary storage devices dont run out of space.

The Primary Space Optimizer policy increases utilization by re-migrating restored files back to the secondary store, while the Archival Storage Manager policy defines multiple offline stores as a pool, improving scalability.

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