Storage Digest: News from HP, SANRAD, LSI Logic, Infortrend, Western Digital

HP Unveils High-Capacity Drives ... SANRAD Ships Version of iSCSI V-Switch for IBM eServer BladeCenter ... Infortrend Announces SCSI-SATA II RAID Subsystem ... HP Inks Agreement to Resell Spare Backup Service ... Fujitsu-Siemens Chooses LSI Logic Sol

Fujitsu-Siemens chooses LSI Logic solutions for its PRIMERGY server platforms, HP plans to resell an online backup service aimed at small businesses and offers new high-capacity drives, Western Digital announces 400GB SATA hard drives, Princeton Softech introduces a new version for governance, Infortrend announces a 4U 24-bay RAID array, and SANRAD will ship a version of its iSCSI V-Switch for IBMs eServer BladeCenter.
  • HP Unveils High-Capacity Drives

Hewlett-Packard Co. of Palo Alto, Calif., has introduced two FATA (Fibre Attached Technology Advanced) disk drives for its StorageWorks EVA (Enterprise Virtual Array) family.

The two disk drives, based on Seagate technology, complement HPs drive offerings in the SAS (Serial-Attached SCSI) market and offer high capacity at a low price point, said Kyle Fitze, SAN marketing director in HPs StorageWorks division.

The new FATA drives come in 400GB and 500GB configurations, both using dual-port 2GB per second fibre channel interfaces.

Both offer SMART (self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology), optimized command queuing, Fibre Channel protocol native data integrity, error event handling and high availability.

In conjunction with the StorageWorks EVA4000, the 500GB drive can support 28TB, while it can support 56TB with the EVA6000 and 120TB with the EVA8000.

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  • SANRAD Ships Version of iSCSI V-Switch for IBM eServer BladeCenter

SANRAD Inc., a San Mateo, Calif.-based vendor of iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) IP (Internet Protocol) SAN (Storage Area Network) solutions, will ship a version of its iSCSI V-Switch for BIM eServer BladeCenter.

The new switch can pool any attached or fabric-connected Fibre Channel-, SCSI- or iSCSI-based storage system.

The switch offers data mirroring and replication features including two-, three- and four-way real-time mirroring to independent Fibre Channel storage systems, high-speed synchronous data replication between BladeCenters on a LAN and remote asynchronous data replication and vaulting.

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  • Infortrend Announces SCSI—SATA II RAID Subsystem

Infortrend of Santa Clara, Calif,. has announced a high-density 4U, 24-bay external RAID subsystem.

The EonStor A24U-G2421 SCSI-320 to SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) II RAID subsystem offers one RAID controller, two SCSI host channels, DDR266 cache memory and two dual-fan cooling modules.

The array, which is built on Infortrends ASIC266 dual PCI-X architecture, offers transfer rates of up to 640 MB per second and is built with modular, field-replaceable units.

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  • HP Inks Agreement to Resell Spare Backup Service

Hewlett-Packard Co. has announced that it will resell an automated online backup service from Spare Backup Inc. of Palm Desert, Calif., through its Web site.

Spare Backups solution, aimed at small businesses, business travelers and home-based workers, automatically transports and stores data securely.

The system works without user interaction; the service automatically recognizes files on a users hard drive.

Each file is replicated, encrypted twice and transported over the users broadband Internet connection. Backup files are stored in Spare Backups data centers.

Hewlett-Packard plans to offer Spare Backup service via its Web site, and will offer two months of free service to customers purchasing specified products through HPs Web site.

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  • Fujitsu-Siemens Chooses LSI Logic Solutions for Server Platforms

European IT infrastructure supplier Fujitsu-Siemens Computers will incorporate several storage products from LSI Logic Corp. of Milpitas, Calif. in its PRIMERGY server platforms.

The PRIMERGY platforms will incorporate LSI Logics SAS1068 eight-port controller, MegaRAID SAS (Serial-Attached SCSI) adapters, Software RAID 5 and ROMB (RAID on motherboard) solutions.

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  • Western Digital Introduces 400 GB SATA Hard Drive

Western Digital Corp. of Lake Forest, Calif., has announced high-capacity SATA hard drives for server and network-attached storage applications.

WDCaviar RE2 (RAID Edition) is a 400 GB hard drive with performance of 7,200 RPM, thanks to NCQ (Native Command Queuing), as well as 16MB cache and 8.7 milliseconds average seek time.

The WDCaviar RE2 also uses the companys RAFF (Rotary Accelerometer Feed Forward) technology to maintain drive performance in servers and storage arrays susceptible to rotational vibration, and TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery), which coordinates error handling with RAID controllers to reduce drive fallout.

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