Storage Digest: News from Hummingbird, Kodak, Apricorn, TimeSpring Software, Cornet Technology, Infr

Hummingbird announces new versions of CMS and LiveServer … RAID and Kodak sign agreement benefiting health care market … Apricorn introduces hard drive upgrade kit for notebooks … TimeSpring offers continuous data protection for SharePoint

Hummingbird upgrades its RedDot Content Management Server, Kodak signs an agreement with RAID, Apricorn announces a hard drive upgrade kit for notebooks, TimeSpring Software introduces CDP for Windows SharePoint, Cornet Technology announces a 1TB portable external hard drive, and Infrant Technologies partners with Slim Devices to boost streaming audio storage capacity.

  • Hummingbird Announces New Versions of CMS and LiveServer

Hummingbird has upgraded its content management system and associated software with the goal of creating easier manageability and control of site content and delivery.

The newest version of RedDot CMS, built on Microsofts .Net framework, offers users the ability to delete content from Web sites, portals, extranets and intranets through an advanced archiving function. RedDot CMS 7.0 also provides new analysis tools that provide the ability for users to generate reports on demand detailing how individual assets are being used throughout the Web site.

RedDot CMS 7.0 also ships with an upgraded version of LiveServer, the companys content management software. LiveServer 2.5 now offers secure access and contextual delivery of content from legacy enterprise content management systems.

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  • RAID and Kodak Sign Agreement Benefiting Health Care Market

RAID Inc. has signed an agreement with Eastman Kodak that will allow users of Kodaks health care IT systems to outfit them with RAIDs storage technology.

Under the terms of the agreement, users of any of Kodaks health care IT solutions, including Carestream PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems) and Carestream RIS (Radiology Information Systems), can combine those systems with RAIDs storage technology to enable faster and simpler storage and retrieval of patient information.

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  • Apricorn Introduces Hard Drive Upgrade Kit for Notebooks

Apricorn, a personal storage vendor, has announced a hard drive upgrade kit for notebook computers.

EZ Upgrade SATA, which works with Serial ATA drives, connects to the notebook via a USB cable and runs on Windows 2000 and XP on PC-compatible notebooks with 32MB of RAM or greater. The kit comes with the companys EZ Gig II Upgrade and Disaster Recovery software, which provides the ability to clone a copy of the hard drive, compressed images of the entire hard drive or a partition of the drive, and selected restore of individual files or folders. The kit retails for $49.

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  • TimeSpring Offers Continuous Data Protection for SharePoint Services

TimeSpring Software has added support for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to its TimeData file-based CDP (Continuous Data Protection) software. The companys flagship product already supported SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and NFTS on file servers.

TimeData works by capturing changes in real time to an on- or off-site repository and maintaining time-dimensioned attribute version histories for protected files. The software allows users to retrieve files that become deleted, overwritten or damaged by pointing to the time or version of the file required.

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  • Cornet Technology Unveils External Hard Drive for High-Capacity Storage and Transport

Cornet Technologys IT consulting division, Anami Communications, has announced a 1TB portable external hard drive designed for high-capacity data storage and transport.

The Maximus Platinum, which comes with hot-pluggable FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 interfaces, is compact enough to fit in a briefcase for easy portability, according to company sources. The drive, which runs on the Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Mac OS X platforms, also offers plug-and-play capability, a heat-dissipating aluminum design and a built-in cooling fan.

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  • Infrant Develops NAS Device to Improve Distributed Streaming Audio

Infrant Technologies has partnered with Slim Devices, makers of the Squeezebox wireless streaming audio player, to provide Squeezebox with significantly more storage.

Infrants ReadyNAS (network-attached storage) device, built on its X-RAID technology, now will come preloaded with Slim Devices SlimServer software, allowing the Squeezebox to hold up to 200,000 songs without a computer or CD player.

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