Storage Digest: News from IBM, FalconStor, Index Engines, Trans International Xyratex and nStor

FalconStor introduces an encryption/decryption service … IBM Expands BladeCenter … Revinetix announces a RAID 5 disaster recovery solution for the SMB market … Index Engines introduces a beta version of its Microsoft Exchange e-mail indexin

FalconStor introduces an encryption/decryption service, IBM Expands BladeCenter, Revinetix announces a RAID 5 disaster recovery solution for the SMB market, Index Engines introduces a beta version of its Microsoft Exchange e-mail indexing appliance, and Xyratex acquires nStor.

Vendors Add New Blades, Solutions to BladeCenter

Building on this weeks announcement that IBM will develop an industry community called, IBM has announced that several vendors have already developed new blades and solutions for the companys eServer BladeCenter.

The first wave of participants include Cisco Systems Inc., which is collaborating with IBM to deliver an open standards-based comprehensive iSCSI solution for BladeCenter that will use Ciscos incorporate Quality of Service and security features. QLogic Corp. also has announced that it will make its iSCSI expansion card compatible with BladeCenter.

Sanrad announced a new storage switch, the V-Switch for BladeCenter, while CipherOptics Inc. announced intentions to develop an Ipsec encryption blade for BladeCenter that will support data encryption speeds of up to 1.9 GB/sec. Finally, Nominum Inc., an IP address infrastructure vendor, has announced a new blade that will combine its DNS (Domain Name Systems) and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) solutions with BladeCenter.

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FalconStor Offers Encryption/Decryption Service

FalconStor Software Inc., of Melville, N.Y., has introduced a tape encryption and decryption service that allows users of VTL to encrypt virtual tapes and export them to physical tapes to protect against unauthorized access and data theft.

Based on the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), the STTS (Secure Tape Transport Service), an add-on to the companys existing VirtualTape Library solution, produces encrypted virtual tapes for storage and transport offline. FalconStor VTL STTS also allows administrators to manage encryption keys while keeping them fully protected using user-defined "secret phrases and sophisticated password schemes. The service also offers an electronic vaulting service with communication between a central data center and a remote site using secure replication to copy virtual tapes across an IP network.

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Xyratex Buys nStor

Xyratex Ltd. of Havant, U.K., which specializes in the entry-level RAID storage systems market, has acquired SATA (Serial ATA) solution vendor nStor Corp., of Carlsbad, Calif.

The acquisition is intended to strengthen Xyratexs standing and technology in the entry-level RAID controller market, according to Xyratex CEO Steve Barber.

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Revinetix Introduces D2D Backup Appliance for Disaster Recovery

Revinetix, of Salt Lake City, has introduced a RAID 5-based network backup device designed to help small and medium businesses (SMB) implement an easy-to-implement disaster recovery solution.

Sentio, a fault-tolerant disk-to-disk backup appliance, bundles everything need to create a disaster recovery solution, including removable SATA disks and software to manage and automate backup and recovery functions for all users on the network. The system offers scheduled automated backups at the desktop level. Sentio is intended to replace traditional tape backup devices, according to Revinetix vice president Brian Clark.

Features include up to 15 hot-swappable SATA drives, hardware-based RAID controllers, support for multiple concurrent backup and restore jobs, secure Web-based administration interface, data compression and replication/synchronization software.

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Microsoft Exchange Email Indexing Appliance Available in Beta

A beta version of a Microsoft Exchange email indexing appliance from Index Engines Inc., of Holmdel, N.J., is now available. The appliance, which plugs into a SAN (Storage Area Network), offers inline indexing of e-mails, which allows organizations to quickly find historical messages—something that todays compliance and e-mail archiving regulations often require.

The Index Engines e-mail indexing appliance supports more than 32 million message per appliance, offers full content indexing of e-mail and attachments at 90 megabytes per second with a browser-based interface, and supports up to 500 simultaneous user queries per second. Users can query various fields within an e-mail, such as To, From, CC, BCC, Subject and Date, as well as any text contained in the message or attachment.

Larger organizations can cluster several appliances together to support more than one billion e-mails.

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