Storage Digest: News from Interwoven, Data Protection Solutions, Maxtor, FCIA

Maxtor's new hard drive stresses scalability and flexibility … DPS offers D2D solution in SATA format … SATA tunneling technology passes hurdle … Interwoven partners with storage powerhouses.

SATA is front and center this week, with related announcements from Maxtor, Data Protection Solutions and the Fibre Channel Industry Association. Also on deck is Interwovens collaborative agreement with several storage leaders.
  • Maxtors New Hard Drives Stress Scalability, Flexibility

Maxtor Corp. of Milpitas, Calif. has introduced a new family of disk drives with a SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) interface that allows SAS and SATA (Serial ATA) disk drives to be configured in the same enclosure.

The Atlas line of drives offers a 3GB per second data transfer rate, dual ports, multi-initiator capability allowing multiple hosts to access a drive at the same time, point-to-point connectivity, scalable bandwidth and full duplex capability.

The drives support 1.5G per second SATA and 3G per second SAS devices.

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  • DPS Offers D2D Solution in SATA Format

Data Protection Solutions of Hollywood, Fla. is now offering its FlexMount RAID controller in a Serial ATA format.

Called SATA FlexMount, the new solution is fully protected from system heat and other damage because of its high-impact plastic shell casing. Because of its rugged features, SATA FlexMount is best suited to businesses that develop Retail POS (point of sale) and to medical imaging, telecommunications and other industries with requirements for rugged components, according to Steve Hammond, a DPS senior vice president.

SATA FlexMount also provides automatic failover and notification, block-level mirroring, direct connection to an ATA bus, and hardware-based RAID.

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  • SATA Tunneling Technology Passes Hurdle

The development of a standard method for connecting SATA disk drives using embedded Fibre Channel technology passed another hurdle this week, gaining the support of the FCIA (Fibre Channel Industry Association).

The new standard, to be called FC-STA, will eliminate the additional bridging products that have traditionally been necessary to facilitate communication with SATA drives in a Fibre Channel environment, according to FCI chairman Werner Glinka. By allowing connectivity to SATA drives and enabling tiered storage solutions based on Fibre Channel, this could significantly reduce the cost of storage systems, Glinka said.

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  • Interwoven Partners with Storage Powerhouses

Interwoven Inc., an ECM (enterprise content management) vendor based in Sunnyvale, Calif., has integrated its collaborative document management and content provisioning solutions with storage systems from major storage vendors that include EMC Corp., Network Appliance Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc.

Working with EMC, Interwoven has integrated its WorkSite MP software with the EMC Centera content-addressed storage solution and disk-based WORM (Write Once, Read Many) storage medium—something the company has done largely to help organizations better manage their files and comply with regulations, according to Steve Pattison, vice president of Alliances at Interwoven.

Interwoven also integrated its content provisioning solution with NetApps NearStore and SnapLock, Suns Content Infrastructure System and IBMs DR-550, to aid with Web record retention.

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