Storage Digest: News from nStor, CaminoSoft, Indra, Fastora

Fastora debuts all-in-one backup and recovery appliances … nStor and CaminoSoft SATA/ILM combo gets certified … Indra introduces follow-on to StorCompress line.

Fastora introduces tiny backup and recovery appliances, while Indra Networks introduces the next entry in its StorCompress line and nStor and CaminoSoft work together.

Fastora Debuts All-In-One Backup and Recovery Appliances

Fastora has added two units to its family of small, portable instant backup and recovery appliances designed to protect against data and file loss through a one-button process. The units work by making a quick backup of the entire system and allowing the system to boot directly from the appliance via USB, quickly returning the PC to its normal state.

The ExBoot EXB-0111 and EXB-0121 join the EXB-0131, which can accommodate 3.5-inch drives providing up to 400GB of data protection. The ExBoot appliances offer a combination of software and a USB 2.0 external hard drive enclosure, and feature a one-touch button that launches the automated backup software. The appliances can be customized to automatically check and synchronize with the PC to ensure that files are up to date, said Kit Chui, sales director at the City of Industry, Calif., company.

The ExBoot EXB-0111 features a 1.8-inch hard drive and starts at $175 for 20GB, while the EXB-0121 has a 2.5-inch disk drive and starts at $165 for 40GB.

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nStor and CaminoSoft SATA/ILM Combo Certified

The combination of nStor Technologies Inc.s NexStor 4700 Serial ATA (SATA) series and CaminoSoft Corp.s Managed Server HSM software has passed certification testing for Microsoft Windows 200X and Novell NetWare and GroupWise environments.

The NexStor 4700 SATA series includes both Fibre Channel to SATA and SCSI to SATA models, while CaminoSofts Managed Server HSM software, an information lifecycle management (ILM) solution, provides policy-based automatic migration of infrequently accessed files to lower-cost storage pools.

The certification will help organizations achieve lower total storage costs, increase data availability, and provide a higher level of management and protection for data-intensive applications, said Lisa Hart, executive vice president of marketing and alliances for nStor, of Carlsbad, Calif.

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Indra Networks Introduces Follow-On to StorCompress Line

Indra Networks Inc. of San Jose, Calif., has released StorCompress 300, a follow-on to its StorCompress 100 and 200 models.

Like previous models, StorCompress is a disk-to-disk storage product using the industry-standard "deflate" algorithm for compression, but in hardware instead of software. The StorCompress 300, however, offers better compression performance at 135M bps, and a 64-bit PCI-X interface.

The StorCompress 300 also is compatible with gzip and zlib open-source software and includes Xilinx field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and a 66MHz PCI-X bus interface. In addition, it includes a decompression engine that delivers throughput of up to 180M bps and a software development kit.

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