Storage Digest: News from Plasmon, IBM, Bycast, Xilinx, Engenio

Archive appliance meets medical PACS, HIS needs ... IBM's Grid Medical Archive Solution brings quicker access to fixed-content data ... 4Gbps programmable Fibre Channel core debuts from Xilinx ... 4G Fibre Channel solutions from IBM, Engenio become genera

Storage solutions designed for the medical arena take center stage, while both IBM and Xilinx announce 4G Fibre Channel solutions.
  • Archive Appliance Meets Medical PACS, HIS Needs

Plasmon of Colorado Springs, Colo., has introduced the Plasmon UDO (ultra-density optical) Archive Appliance, an archive storage solution designed to meet the specific needs of the health care community.

The network-attached data archiving system allows health care organizations to store and retrieve data more quickly while protecting it. It comes with preconfigured storage management software that controls the migration of data to and from the UDO library, and it manages the prestaging of data from optical back to the disk cache.

The appliance is specifically designed to work with medical facilities PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) and HIS (Hospital Information Systems), which require simpler ways to manage data images, said Dave DuPont, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Plasmon PLC.

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  • IBMs Grid Medical Archive Solution Brings Quicker Access to Fixed-Content Data

IBMs health care and life sciences group, in concert with Bycast Inc., has developed a grid medical archive solution that allows hospitals to share storage across distributed facilities.

The GMAS (Grid Medical Archive Solution)—based on IBMs TotalStorage and eServer, and on Bycasts StorageGRID software—allows PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) applications and other health care-related systems to access distributed medical images.

It works by isolating PACS from the rest of the storage infrastructure, said Moe Kermani, CEO of Bycast, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Other benefits include simpler administration, lower costs and better-optimized utilization of storage.

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  • 4Gbps Programmable Fibre Channel Core Debuts from Xilinx

Xilinx Inc. of San Jose, Calif., has introduced a programmable 4G Fibre Channel core. Designed to several ANSI standards, the Xilinx Fibre Channel IP core is designed for the companys Virtex-4 FPGA family.

The 4G Fibre Channel core, which costs $18,000 for a site license, will allow systems architects to better scale SAN (storage area network) designs to higher Fibre Channel rates, according to the company.

Xilinx plans to develop 8G and higher-speed Fibre Channel solutions, according to the company.

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  • 4G Fibre Channel Solutions from IBM, Engenio Become Generally Available

The IBM TotalStorage DS4800 4GB/sec Fibre Channel solution, developed through a partnership between IBM, of Armonk, N.Y., and Engenio Information Technologies Inc. of Milpitas, Calif., is now available from IBM.

The 4GB/sec Fibre Channel system is based on Engenios XBB architecture, which supports a wide range of operating systems and host types while offering configuration flexibility and advanced replication services.

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