Storage Digest: News from Quantum, NetApp, NuView

New Quantum Tape Library Aimed at Midmarket ... NetApp Announces Two Midrange Storage Systems, Two Virtualization Engines ... NuView Announces New Version of Remote Site Data Management Tool

Quantum and NetApp focus on the midmarket, while NuView introduces a new version of its remote site data management tool with more functionality.

  • New Quantum Tape Library Aimed at Midmarket

The new PX510 tape library from Quantum Corp. of San Jose, Calif., has much the same functionality as the companys enterprise-class PX720 library, but at a lower cost, which company executives hope will appeal to the midmarket.

The PX510 falls squarely in the middle of Quantums other tape library offerings—the PX720, which is capable of holding up to 720 cartridge slots in one frame and is scalable to five frames, and the M2500 tape library, which offers 100 slots. The PX510 is aimed at organizations with 100 to 400 cartridge slots.

Unlike the PX720, which is a standalone system, the PX510 is packaged in an 18U rackmount form factor.

It uses Quantums FlexLink system, which allows users to scale the library on demand—up or down—without taking the library offline.

Its modular nature allows midrange customers to grow more easily, said Ted Oade, director of automation product marketing for Quantums storage systems business unit.

Oade said the PX510 costs about 40 percent less than a comparable system from the competition. The base price of the Quantum PX510 is $24,995.

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  • NetApp Announces Two Midrange Storage Systems, Two Virtualization Engines

Network Appliance Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif., on Monday announced two new storage systems and two virtualization engines, all geared toward bolstering its performance in the midmarket.

Both storage systems are part of NetApps FAS3000 series, supporting file services, FC SAN, IP SAN and many network configurations.

They also focus on scalability, continuous availability and ease of management. At present, the FAS3000 series is composed of the FAS3020 and the FAS3050.

Both have a storage capacity of up to 84TB and 336 disks, and both are designed to be used for enterprise application infrastructures, such as database, e-mail and messaging, and disaster recovery solutions.

Along with the FAS3000 series, NetApp announced two new V-Series virtualization.

Unlike the FAS3000 series, the V-Series works in conjunction with other vendors storage systems.

NetApp executives say the V-Series greatly improves performance, scalability and manageability.

The products are designed to be combined with NetApps Data ONTAP 7G software.

With both systems, the 3020 supports 50TB, while the 3050 supports 84TB.

In general, the 3050 has 60 to 70 percent more performance, in terms of throughput and response time, than the 3020, said Suresh Vasudevan, vice president of product marketing.

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  • NuView Announces New Version of Remote Site Data Management Tool

NuView Inc. of Houston, Texas, has announced version 5.6 of StorageX, a file management solution that allows organizations to centralize management of distributed file storage.

The new version helps address the failover problem in remote site data management, particularly for enterprise customers, by allowing remote sites to fail over to a central location, said NuView CEO Rahul Mehta.

Version 5.6 also integrates with Microsoft VSS and Network Appliance snapshots to allow administrators to backup point-in-time copies. To accomplish this, StorageX creates the snapshots, replicates the files and deletes snapshots as necessary during the remote site backup.

Other features of version 5.6 include:

  • Auto deployment of remote packages managing credentials and other attributes centrally
  • Accurately control data transfers to minimize network bandwidth utilization, plus additional control of file attribute settings during replication
  • Improved diagnostics
  • The option to use SSH (Secure Socket Shell) to allow StorageX to communicate more securely with storage resources enterprise-wide

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