Storage Digest: News from StorageTek, EMC, Iron Mountain, VeriSign, Microlite

StorageTek offers service for protecting distributed data ... EMC upgrades Dantz Retrospect ... Iron Mountain boosts encryption, offers on-site backup ... VeriSign offers message archive, continuity services ... Microlite releases BackupEDGE for SCO OpenS

Data security takes center stage, with several vendors announcing enhanced backup and data protection solutions. Also in the news: VeriSign introduces services for message archiving and continuity, and Microlite releases BackupEDGE for SCO OpenServer 6.

StorageTek Offers Service for Protecting Distributed Data

StorageTek of Louisville, Colo., has introduced ViaRemote, a service providing offsite backup and recovery for distributed servers, PCs and laptops located anywhere on a network.

ViaRemote, designed for branch offices, mobile users and enterprises with distributed data, allows users to schedule and monitor online backup and restores via a Web-based portal. Users can choose to pay for the service as they use it on a monthly basis by gigabyte, with established service levels.

ViaRemote was developed in concert with Arsenal Digital Solutions, a storage application services provider based in Cary, N.C., and is available through StorageTeks Remote Managed Storage services.

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EMC Upgrades Dantz Retrospect

EMC Dantz Retrospect, software providing data protection for hardware and applications, now offers an updated version that includes higher levels of data encryption, support for Microsoft Windows x64 operating systems, and more extensive push-button backup for users of third-party external hard drives.

In addition to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption, EMC Dantz Retrospect now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 edition, Standard x64 Edition, and SuSE Linux 9.3 as a client.

The product also allows users to schedule disk grooming, a process that aids in deleting backup data that is no longer necessary to make room for newer backups.

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Iron Mountain Boosts Encryption, Offers On-Site Backup

Iron Mountain Inc. of Boston has added stronger encryption capabilities to its Server Electronic Vaulting Service, a managed service that backs up data automatically and continuously. The Service now provides 256-bit AES encryption throughout the life cycle of the backup data.

Iron Mountain also offers the optional On-Site Backup Appliance, which provides on-site caching capability and is designed to reduce data recovery time, according to executive vice president John Clancy.

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VeriSign Offers Message Archive, Continuity Services

VeriSign Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., has introduced two new services that allow organizations to store, index and copy e-mails while more easily complying with regulatory and legal discovery requirements.

The VeriSign Message Archive Service offers storage of inbound, outbound and internal e-mail in a secure repository; a Web-based interface with tools for searching and recovering e-mail; compliance workflow tools for supervising and monitoring messages, predefined and customizable reports; and message continuity tools for composing, reading and replying to e-mails during mail server outages.

The VeriSign Message Continuity Service offers continuous access to message content and e-mail functionality by storing all inbound and outbound e-mail in a 30-day rolling message store. If a mail server becomes unavailable, the service continues to copy and queue messages for delivery once service is restored, said Chad Kinzelberg, vice president of VeriSign Security Services.

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Microlite Releases BackupEDGE for SCO OpenServer 6

Microlite Corp., a disaster-recovery vendor based in Aliquippa, Penn., has announced that its BackupEDGE backup and disaster recovery software is now available for SCO OpenServer 6, as Release 02.01.03.

OpenServer 6 versions include full bare-metal disaster recovery capabilities, with RecoverEDGE automatically rebuilding disk partitions and restores from local or remote archives.

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