Topspin, Myricom Boxes Rev Data Center Interconnects

Businesses will get more help tying together their data center devices.

Businesses will get more help tying together their data center devices.

Startup Topspin Communications Inc., which in November rolled out its InfiniBand-based 360 Switched Computing System, this week will unveil an entry-level switched computing device.

The Topspin 90 Switched Computing System offers 12 InfiniBand ports and can be expanded by four more InfiniBand ports, two Fibre Channel ports or four Gigabit Ethernet ports, according to officials with the Mountain View, Calif., company. Similar entry-level devices from other companies offer no more than eight InfiniBand ports, officials said.

The Topspin 90 Switched Computing System, which will be displayed at the LinuxWorld show next week in New York and generally available in March, is designed to enable businesses to create 10G-bps server clusters for distributed databases or HPC (high-performance computing), officials said. Pricing will start at $11,995.

On the high end, Myricom Inc., which aims its high-speed Myrinet interconnect components at computation-heavy clusters and HPC applications, late this year will boost the number of ports available in its Myrinet-2000 switch enclosure. The new box will have 256 host ports, plus 256 optional inner switch ports that can be used to combine networks, said Chuck Seitz, CEO and chief technology officer for the Arcadia, Calif., company. "Were essentially quadrupling the port density in a box," Seitz said.

Myricom at midyear will offer management software designed for HPC and cluster applications, Seitz said. Furthermore, Myricom in April will offer multiple lines of Myrinet components, including a lower-cost one providing up to 500M bps of throughput and a high-end line that offers up to 1G bps of throughput, Seitz said.