Unitrends Primary Status Console

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Unitrends Primary Status Console

A browser-based status console gives quick insight into the status of backups across the network.

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Settings and Options

Most of the product's settings, configuration options and associated defaults can be found on a drill-down screen that offers plain English explanations.

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First-Time Backup

The first-time backup screen offers simple choices and eliminates the need for wizards or other assistance.

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Backup Progress

Unitrends Enterprise Backup keeps administrators well-informed of what is going on during the backup process.

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Archive Console

An interactive archive console makes quick work of the archiving process and offers multiple options for handling archived data.

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Backup Console

The product's primary backup console offers multiple options for backups and types of backups.

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Restoring Data

Restoration of data is handled via a simple interface, which allows data to be restored based upon dates and times.

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Protected Systems

Unitrends Enterprise Backup can protect multiple platforms and associated virtual servers as well as specialized applications, such as Exchange and SQL Server.

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Help and Support

Extensive, context-sensitive help is available at the touch of a button.

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