Embotics Eases Management of Virtual Environments

Embotics is rolling out Version 3.0 of its V-Commander offering for the automation and management of virtual environments, with the idea of driving down operational costs and increasing automation of the infrastructure. V-Commander also comes in three modules, enabling enterprises to pick and choose which features to buy when they need them.

Embotics is looking to reduce the operational costs associated with server virtualization in the data center.

The company Aug. 25 rolled out V-Commander 3.0, which is aimed at increasing automation and management in virtualized environments.

V-Commander 3.0 gives IT professionals a deep look into their environments, enabling them to get a historical look at events in their virtualized environments and offering a host of reporting capabilities. In addition, V-Commander 3.0 can establish and enforce policies, suspend virtual machines that don't comply with policies, assign policy attributes at various levels throughout the virtual infrastructure and alert IT managers via e-mail.

The enhanced software also includes better role-based access control, support for mixed VMware environments and better compatibility with VMware's VirtualCenter.

Embotics is offering V-Commander in three modules, enabling businesses to pick and choose what they need, giving them greater control over their virtual infrastructure deployments and an easier way to pay for them.

The modules include Federated Inventory Management, a real-time inventory and reporting system; Resource and Cost Management: Automated, which offers resource management and cost containment features, improving accountability, reducing administrative time and optimizing resource utilization; and the Operational and Risk Management module, which offers process automation and control, offering a more consistent environment and improved oversight.