NetEx Bringing WAN Optimization Support to Microsoft Hyper-V

NetEx, whose HyperIP WAN optimization software already accelerates the migration of VMware images over long distances to remote sites, is now looking to offer the same capabilities to Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization offering. The Microsoft Hyper-V support will come in the next version of HyperIP, which will be released in the first quarter of 2010.

NetEx, with its HyperIP acceleration software, already enables users to quickly migrate VMware data to remote sites. Now the WAN optimization software vendor is looking to do the same for Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization products.

NetEx announced Jan. 5 that the next version HyperIP, due out later this quarter, will support Microsoft's virtualization offerings in Windows Server 2008 R2.

The added support will give NetEx capabilities with two of the top virtualization software products in the market, according to Robert MacIntyre, the company's vice president of business development and marketing.

"Having a presence in both the Hyper-V and VMware camps has NetEx ideally positioned for the future of server virtualization spurred by an upcoming technology refresh for aging server infrastructures with virtualization as a default IT strategy for deployment, virtualization as a standard technology for cloud computing, and the evolution of IT strategies to more effectively manage virtualization deployments and virtualized infrastructures," MacIntyre said in a statement.

HyperIP currently speeds up long-distance migration of VMware VMotion and Storage VMotion images, accelerating the movement by as much as 1,000 percent compared with native VMware speeds, NetEx officials said, quoting test results from DeepStorage Labs. The software also speeds up physical-to-virtual image migration in vCenter Site Recovery and vCenter Converter, according to NetEx.

The company, which introduced the VMware support in 2009, is now turning its attention to Microsoft's Hyper-V, with the next version of HyperIP supporting the Live Migration feature, which will enable users to move running virtual machines from one Hyper-V physical host to another with no disruption or downtime.