Parallels Integrates Google Website Services into Plesk Panel 9.5

Parallels is putting Google Services for Websites, designed to make it easier for businesses to customize and monetize their sites, into its Plesk Panel 9.5 for hosting companies. Through the integration, hosting companies using Plesk Panel 9.5 will be able to offer their customers easier access to Google's Website management services and tools.

Virtualization software maker Parallels is making it easier for hosting companies to offer their clients access to Google services.

Parallels officials on April 15 announced that the company is integrating Google Services for Websites into its Plesk Panel 9.5 control panel.

The integration will enable small businesses to more easily take advantage of Google Services for Websites, which provides a central location through which to access such services as AdSense, Custom Search, Site Search, Web Elements and Webmaster Tools. Such services are designed to enable users to maximize the business potential of their Websites, more finely customize their sites and develop new revenue streams, according to Parallels President Jack Zubarev.

"Google's tools are among the most popular in the world, and by including Google Services for Websites in Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5, we are enabling our hosting partners to profit from the cloud," Zubarev said in a statement. "The addition of Google Services for Websites to Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5 makes it easier for small businesses to manage their Websites while driving traffic to their business."

Through Google Services for Websites, which the search giant released in March 2009, companies get tools designed to monitor and manage sites and to generate more business. With Webmaster Tools, Webmasters can monitor how sites are performing, find problems and enhance a Website's visibility in Google search results. The Google tools also let companies easily enable search on their sites, embed interactive Web elements in their pages and monetize the sites through AdSense.

Parallels now lets hosting companies offer these functions through Plesk Panel 9.5, a control panel for virtual, dedicated and shared hosting providers. The integration means that it will take less time for Website owners to set up and connect to Google services.

Plesk Panel 9.5 also supports all virtualization platforms, is PCI-compliant and offers free installation, migration and support for customers.