Red Bend Software Launches Mobile Virtualization Platform

Red Bend Software has announced the immediate availability of vLogix Mobile 5.0, which promises to bring mobile virtualization to the masses.

Mobile virtualization is a relatively new element in the world of IT virtualization technology, especially since the computing power of mobile devices has only recently grown enough to handle a virtualization platform. Red Bend Software is looking to help mobile device users capitalize on that enhanced processing power with vLogix Mobile 5.0.

Red Bend Software is taking the approach of allowing customers to deploy a type-1 hypervisor to mobile devices, which will allow those devices to run two operating systems simultaneously, separately and securely on the same hardware. Being able to run multiple operating systems on a mobile device solves many problems for enterprises looking to leverage mobile technology.
First and foremost, a virtualized mobile OS can be configured to run legacy applications on newer devices-preventing the need to re-engineer a mobile application because of changes to the device or operating system.

Secondly, with the growth of the BYOD (bring your own device) trend in businesses, IT workers can use virtualization to install a preconfigured OS and applications on their mobile devices without affecting the native operating system, applications and settings. That will give more flexibility to those looking to adopt BYOD strategies in the work place.

As a mobile virtualization platform, vLogix Mobile 5.0 provides management and architectural capabilities to IT departments, including over-the-air, real-time device control and management for more than 900 different mobile device models. The over-the-air management capabilities include software deployment, firmware updates and device analytics.

According to Red Bend Software, vLogix Mobile has been designed to be standards-based and supports the pre-standard implementation of the new Virtualization Management Object (VirMO) standard proposed by Red Bend in the Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) Working Group. The company claims that is a critical step in ensuring that OEMs, mobile network operators and enterprises avoid the costly end-to-end control points typically found in the server virtualization market.

Red Bend's vLogix Mobile is built on the VLX Type-1 mobile hypervisor from VirtualLogix, which was acquired by Red Bend in September 2010. Red Bend claims the solution has been licensed by more manufacturers than all other mobile virtualization products combined.

In a conference call, Yoram Salinger, Red Bend's CEO, said, "Driving market adoption of advanced technologies like mobile virtualization requires getting the entire ecosystem to work together. Only Red Bend has the experience in working with every leading device manufacturer, semiconductor vendor and mobile operator to drive the adoption of new mobile technologies into more than 1 billion mobile devices."

Ideally, vLogix Mobile 5.0 will help expand the BYOD market by providing the tools for fast integration, expanded management, scalability and analytics-all of which will be key elements for making BYOD devices work seamlessly in the enterprise.