Vizioncore Creates Self-Service Virtualization

Vizioncore's vControl offers a Web interface and customizable templates that let users build and deploy virtualization machines, freeing up IT administrators from such tasks and giving them more time to manage the VMs. The product also supports multiple virtualization platforms, including those from Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and Sun.

Vizioncore is looking to bring self-service capabilities to virtualization.

Vizioncore's new vControl management tool, announced May 5, is designed to let end users provision virtual machines themselves, offloading such tasks from IT administrators.

With end users doing the provisioning and deploying of the virtual machines, IT administrators are free to manage the VMs through a single interface provided by Vizioncore.

The product features a Web interface and customizable templates for end users to build and deploy virtual machines for themselves. Another interface lets administrators control multiple virtualization platforms, including VMware ESX and ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Systems' XenServer and Sun Microsystems' Solaris Zones.

vControl also offers out-of-the-box workflows, a visual workflow editor to build new workflows, a Web services interface and an SDK (software development kit) for integration with third-party systems, all aimed at driving down administrative costs.

IT administrators can also bring high availability to unlimited numbers of virtual machines, further driving down operational costs.

vControl is available immediately, starting at $399 per socket.

Trials of vControl are available for 30 days here.