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iPhone 7 Sales Patterns Contrast iPhone 6, 6s Trends: Report

Most buyers are choosing the larger iPhone 7 Plus over the regular iPhone 7, which differs from iPhone 6 sales a year ago, when the smaller model won out.
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Apple Says iPhone 7 Sales Start With Some Models Already Sold Out VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple says some iPhone 7 models are already sold out; Qualcomm pushes for more dual cameras in smartphones; Uber testing self-driving cars on challenging Pittsburgh streets; and there's more.
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Apple Says It's Fixed iOS 10 Bug That Disabled Some iPhones, iPads VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple's new iOS 10 update disables iPhones, iPads for some users; Samsung to limit Note7 battery charges to 60% as recall continues; Cisco, Apple partnership on full display in iOS 10; and there's more.
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Apple Delivers iOS 10 Ahead of iPhone 7 Arrival VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple releases iOS 10 just before iPhone 7 arrives; official recall of Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones in the works; Surface Phone buzz builds as Lumia brand fades; and there's more.
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Apple's New iOS 10 Update Disables iPhones, iPads for Some Users

It's the third time this year that iOS updates caused "bricking" problems for users. The iOS 10 issues have now been fixed, reports say.
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iPhone 7 Preorders Rising as Sept. 16 Sales Date Approaches

T-Mobile says iPhone 7 preorders beating past records, while Sprint also reports healthy preorder gains over previous iPhones.
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Apple Releases iOS 10 Just Before iPhone 7 Arrives

The improved iOS 10 mobile operating system includes major updates to Messaging, added Siri features and many redesigned apps.
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Apple Introduces iPhone 7 With New Cameras, Wireless Earpods VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple's iPhone 7 boasts new camera, wireless earbuds; Facebook hacker tools exploit those who use them; Intel sells majority stake in its cyber-security business; and there's more.
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Apple Makes iPhone 7 More Rugged, Watertight Minus Headphone Jack

NEWS ANALYSIS: The latest version of the iPhone offers some improvements, but at the same price as before. The new features should be useful to business buyers.

Is Apple Innovation Slipping as It Upgrades iPhone, Watch?

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple wants to be known as innovative, but it hasn't come up with a new product in more than two years.
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FCC Chairman: Path to 5G Still Rife With Challenges

Support for 5G will have to be earned from small governments, with the focus on how the faster network can help communities, he said.

Apple's iPhone 7 Boasts New Camera, Wireless Earbuds

With the iPhone 7 at $649, along with the price of the wireless AirPods, new buyers will be looking at about $810 plus tax just for the package.

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