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Apple Introduces iPhone 7 With New Cameras, Wireless Earpods VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple's iPhone 7 boasts new camera, wireless earbuds; Facebook hacker tools exploit those who use them; Intel sells majority stake in its cyber-security business; and there's more.
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Apple Makes iPhone 7 More Rugged, Watertight Minus Headphone Jack

NEWS ANALYSIS: The latest version of the iPhone offers some improvements, but at the same price as before. The new features should be useful to business buyers.

Is Apple Innovation Slipping as It Upgrades iPhone, Watch?

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple wants to be known as innovative, but it hasn't come up with a new product in more than two years.
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FCC Chairman: Path to 5G Still Rife With Challenges

Support for 5G will have to be earned from small governments, with the focus on how the faster network can help communities, he said.

Apple's iPhone 7 Boasts New Camera, Wireless Earbuds

With the iPhone 7 at $649, along with the price of the wireless AirPods, new buyers will be looking at about $810 plus tax just for the package.

iPhone 6s Took Top Smartphone Honors in Q2 2016

Total global smartphone shipments were flat at 1 percent growth annually at 341.5 million units in Q2 2016 from 338 million in Q2 2015, Strategy Analytics said.
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Apple Sued Over iPhone 'Defect' That Causes Touch Screens to Fail VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple is sued over alleged iPhone 6 touch-screen problems; Opera is hit with a sync breach, forces a password reset; HPE grows its machine learning capabilities for big data analytics; and there's more.
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Apple Sued Over Alleged iPhone 6 Touch-Screen Problems

Three iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the touch-screens on the devices are failing due to a defect.
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Sprint Adds Unlimited HD Video Streaming to Premium Mobile Plan

For an extra $20 a month, Unlimited Freedom mobile plan customers can now also get unlimited HD quality video streaming.
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T-Mobile Boosting Its Upcoming T-Mobile One Unlimited Data Plans

The service will boost tethering to 3G speeds, while adding a $25-per-month option that adds faster 4G LTE tethering plus fast HD video.

Apple Deeply Serious About AI and Machine Learning, Says Report

Constant news about Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google's advances in AI and machine learning perhaps gave Apple pause. Because it invited in a reporter.
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Apple Rushes Out Patch for New iOS Zero-Day Flaws

An attack against a human rights advocate ends up exposing actions of the NSO Group and a new mobile attack.

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