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Box Introduces New Software, Professional Services to Handle GDPR

Some of these regulatory issues, especially involving large multinational corporations, can’t all be solved by simple clicks of software, so Box has an additional option: new professional services.

Five Important Ways AI is Upgrading Enterprise, Consumer IT

TREND ANALYSIS: Artificial intelligence is interacting with us on a more and more human basis all the time. At the moment, this is happening mostly on the consumer side; watch what happens in enterprise during the next one to two years.

What the Congressional Budget Deal Means for IT Business

NEWS ANALYSIS: Sequestration hasn’t gone away, but the caps have been raised enough that it may not matter this year.

Eight Technical Tips for CISOs Racing Against the GDPR Clock

The EU's GDPR is the most sweeping change to data protection in the past 20 years. C-level executives everywhere are scrambling to get a handle on what it means to their organizations and how they are going achieve compliance.

Comtrade, ExaGrid Develop New Backup Package for Nutanix

The partnership will create a scalable disk-based backup appliance to provide an alternative end-to-end data protection solution.

How Best to Deploy Bots, Automation for IT Efficiencies

Companies are turning to bots to avoid the hassle that apps bring and create a pleasant CX, defined as “customer experience.” But best practices are a good idea.

Dice Report Finds Tech Pros to Seek New Jobs for Higher Pay in 2018 SLIDESHOW

More than two of five tech pros anticipate changing employers this year in hopes of earning more in return for taking on more responsibilities.

Tech Leaders Expect IT Budgets, Salaries to Rise in 2018: TEKsystems SLIDESHOW

With IT budgets and salaries likely to increase, organizations will focus on new cyber-security, cloud and mobility investment in 2018.

Facebook, Google Top Glassdoor’s 2018 List of the Best Places to Work SLIDESHOW

Cloud computing and social media giants, including Facebook, Google, Linked in and dominated Glassdoor’s list of the top 10 high tech companies to work for in 2018.

Deloitte Adds to Its Cloud Integration by Acquiring ATADATA

The ATAsphere platform provides automated, integrated cloud migration along with discovery, application mapping, mirroring, and migration for enterprise workloads at scale.

Bots as Your Boss? AI and Robotics Poised to Change the Workplace SLIDESHOW

With companies deploying robotics/AI technologies to address quality control, customer relations, recruitment and other day-to-day business needs, the very concept of the workplace could soon be defined by machines as much as humans.

Why Adaptive Networks May Be Wave of the Future in 2018

As high-bandwidth applications become ingrained in our daily lives, the implementation of an adaptive network–one that enables you to avoid network complexity–becomes even more important.

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