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artificial intelligence

Microsoft's Seeing AI App Describes the World to Blind Users

Microsoft launches Seeing AI, a mobile app for the visually impaired, and announces new artificial intelligence initiatives to help bring the technology further into the mainstream.

LG Q6 Delivers High-End Design at Midrange Prices SLIDESHOW

LG Electronics has introduced the LG Q6 smartphone with a less powerful processor and slightly smaller screen as a midrange follow-on to its high-end LG G6.
Daily Tech Briefing July 11

Qualcomm Sues Apple, Seeks Ban of Some iPhones in US VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Qualcomm wants some Apple iPhones banned from the U.S.; Copycat malware could be the harbinger of even worse cyber-attacks; Arista suspends imports of switches in dispute with Cisco; and there's more.
Symantec Skycure

Symantec Bolsters Mobile Security With Skycure Acquisition

Symantec makes its second acquisition in two weeks, adding critical mobile operating system security capabilities, including Apple iOS.
Oculus Rift Headset

Oculus Again Cuts Price of Rift VR to $399 With Touch Controls

The second price cut since March drops the cost by 50 percent from the combined original $798 price for the Rift VR headset and Touch hand controllers.

How Red Will Draw Buyers to Its $1,600 Hydrogen Smartphone SLIDESHOW

Red, the maker of high-end digital video cameras favored by professional movie makers, is getting ready to introduce a $1,600 Android smartphone called Hydrogen.

Qualcomm Wants Some Apple iPhones Banned From US

The request to federal regulators is part of a legal dispute between the two companies over patents for mobile phone technologies.

Features to Look for in Lenovo’s Rumored Moto X4 Midrange Smartphone SLIDESHOW

Mobile market chatter indicates that Lenovo plans to introduce a new smartphone model called the Moto X4 that will include some high-end features, but will have a price that attracts budget-conscious buyers.
Apple 10.5-Inch iPad

Apple 10.5-Inch iPad Pro Tablet a Worthy Laptop Alternative

REVIEW: The latest iPad Pros have a wealth of improved features that bring a lot to the table for business users, while also providing a look at what Apple could do for other iPads models.

New Processor, Big Screens Planned for Google Pixel 2 Smartphone SLIDESHOW

Mobile market rumors say Google is sure to update its in-house designed Pixel 2 handset with faster processors, larger screens and other upgrades.
10 Years of iPhone

How the Apple iPhone Defined What Makes a Great Smartphone SLIDESHOW

With its touch screen, virtual keyboard and the ability to install add on a universe of personal and business applications, Apple's iPhone defined the features and capabilities of a true smartphone.
Cloud management

Microsoft EMS Administration Shifts to the Azure Portal

Microsoft releases its new streamlined Enterprise Mobility + Security administration interface on the Azure Portal.

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