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iPhone X

Apple Mulling Dropping Qualcomm Parts in Next iPhones, iPads: Report

Apple considers the potential move as it and Qualcomm battle over patent claims relating to iPhone components, according to a report.
Daily Tech Briefing Nov. 1, 2017

SoftBank Calls Off Sprint-T-Mobile Merger, Focusing Instead on 5G VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: SoftBank's board is calling a halt to a Sprint-T-Mobile merger, reports say; Facebook will tell Congress that 126 million users saw Russian ads; a Google appeal claims the EU misstated facts when it imposed a massive fine; and there's more.
Mobile Pwn2own 2017

Mobile Pwn2Own 2017 Hackers Exploit Fully Patched Mobile Devices

Security researchers demonstrate new zero-day vulnerabilities in fully patched Apple, Samsung and Huawei mobile devices at the Mobile Pwn2Own 2017 security event in Tokyo.

Segment Gets Ready to Unleash Its Super CRM in 2018

Personas can serve as the central record of an entire relationship with a customer and create personalized experiences everywhere the company interacts with its users–whether it's in email, advertisements, social media, push notifications, in-app or even inside the store.
Daily Video 1031

Google Dealing With Pixel 2 Clicking Noises, Display Problems VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google investigates reports of defects in Pixel 2 smartphones; Data Analytics, Machine Learning Drive Google's Cloud Growth, CEO Says Cygilant launches new vulnerability, patch management cloud service; and there's more.

10 Top Accessories to Get the Most From Your iPhone X SLIDESHOW

After iPhone X buyers take delivery of their smartphones starting Nov. 3, they will be looking for accessories to protect and enhance their devices. Here are some of the best available at the Apple Store.
SoftBall Calls Off T-Mobile Merger

SoftBank Board Calling Halt to Sprint-T-Mobile Merger, Reports Say

NEWS ANALYSIS: SoftBank's Board of Directors is reportedly calling off a long-discussed merger of wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile that would have put the combined companies on par with AT&T and Verizon.

10 Takeaways from Apple’s Sellout iPhone X Pre-Order Day SLIDESHOW

High demand and the fast sellout of iPhone models on Oct. 27 means that many customers likely must wait until early 2018 before they get their hands on Apple’s top-of-the-line smartphone.
iPhone X

iPhone Xs Sell Out Fast on Pre-Order Day

NEWS ANALYSIS: Early potential owners of the new phone from Apple will be limited to those who managed to place their orders within a few minutes of midnight on Sept. 27. All others will have to wait.
Google Pixel2 Handset

Google Investigates Reports of Defects in Pixel 2 Smartphones

Google is evaluating reports by some users of its newly-released Pixel 2 smartphones of clicking noises during calls and display defects.

Top 10 Most Popular Paid iPhone Apps SLIDESHOW

Since Apple placed games in a separate category on the App Store, it is now possible to get a ranking of the top most popular paid personal iPhone apps.

Microsoft Beats the Street on Top and Bottom Lines

Revenue was cited at $24.54 billion against $23.56 billion projected by Wall Street analysts.

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