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The 10 Best Tablets on Today’s Market, According to Consumer Reports SLIDESHOW

It may be less than surprising, but Samsung and Apple products dominated Consumer Reports’ top 10 list of the best tablets on today’s mobile market.

How Best to Deploy Bots, Automation for IT Efficiencies

Companies are turning to bots to avoid the hassle that apps bring and create a pleasant CX, defined as “customer experience.” But best practices are a good idea.
Google Play Malware

Google Removed 700,000 Android Apps From Mobile App Store in 2017

Improved machine learning tools helped Google remove 70 percent more malicious and potentially harmful apps than the year before, company says.
Huawei Mate

Huawei Smartphones Won't Be Sold in the U.S. Through Verizon

The Chinese smartphone maker had hoped to sell its phones through U.S. cellular carriers, but those plans are running into roadblocks.

How a National 5G Network Idea Materialized in Trump White House SLIDESHOW

National security advisers to President Donald Trump’s floated the idea of the government building a national 5G wireless network. But the Trump administration has disavowed the idea that drew sharp criticism from inside and outside the government.
Daily Video 129

Apple iOS 11.3 to Include Battery Monitor, Performance Controls VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple adding battery monitor, performance controls to iOS 11.3; Cisco acquires Skyport as cyber-security investments continue; Video game creator now using VR to train against industrial accidents; and there’s more.
Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 26, 2018

EU Fines Qualcomm $1.2B for Allegedly Paying Off Apple VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Qualcomm is fined $1.2 billion in the EU on the claim it paid Apple to use its chips; Apple patches kernel flaws in macOS and iOS security updates; Microsoft releases a Windows app analytics service for developers; and there's more.
Apple Adding Health Records to iOS 11.3

Apple Adding Battery Monitor, Performance Controls to iOS 11.3

NEWS ANALYSIS: The next major update to Apple’s iOS mobile operating system will contain features demanded by users, notably a battery monitor and performance control feature.
Broadcom-Qualcomm Deal

Qualcomm Fined $1.2B in EU on Claim It Paid Apple to Use its Chips

Qualcomm was 'illegally shutting out rivals' that also made and sold LTE chipsets, according to European Union antitrust regulators.

Microsoft Simplifies Embedding Image Recognition Into Mobile Apps

Developers can now use Microsoft's Custom Vision Service to quickly add image recognitions capabilities to iOS and Android apps.

Deloitte Adds to Its Cloud Integration by Acquiring ATADATA

The ATAsphere platform provides automated, integrated cloud migration along with discovery, application mapping, mirroring, and migration for enterprise workloads at scale.

10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change How People Use Smartphones SLIDESHOW

A report by market research firm Gartner predicts that 80 percent of smartphones will have built-in artificial intelligence features by 2022.

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