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HP's New ZBook x2 Takes Aim at Surface, MacBook Pro

HP describes the 2-in-1 desktop PC as “the world’s most powerful and first detachable PC workstation” and is going to market alongside Adobe.
Intel Qubit

Intel Plants Flag in Quantum Computing Space With 17-Qubit Chip

The company says the superconducting chip, developed with QuTech, comes with a unique packaging architecture.
HP Elite stylus

HP Lone PC Maker to Defy Worldwide PC Sales Slowdown in Third Quarter SLIDESHOW

Market researchers IDC and Gartner both reported that PC sales continue their multi-year decline in the 2017 third quarter, with HP the only PC maker to report an increase in sales.
Pixelbook 2017

Google Brings Chromebook Concept to New High With Pixelbook Hybrid SLIDESHOW

Lost amid all the hoopla around Google's new Pixel 2 smartphones was the Pixelbook, a hybrid Chromebook that includes Google Assistant and stylus.

IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops Remain Corporate Favorites After 25 Years SLIDESHOW

ThinkPad laptops became standard equipment for millions of corporate PC users after they were introduced by IBM on Oct. 5, 1992. Today Lenovo continues to produce ThinkPads, which are thinner, lighter and more powerful than ever.

Former Intel CEO Paul Otellini Dies at 66

Intel generated more revenue during his eight-year tenure as CEO than it did during the company’s previous 45 years.
Lenovo T470

Lenovo T470 Among the Best Business Ultrabooks on Today's Market SLIDESHOW

The Lenovo T470 ThinkPad isn't the thinnest or lightest laptop on the market, but it has a combination of features and reliability to be among the best business ultrabooks on the market.
Lenovo T470 ThinkPad Review

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T470 Continues Durable T-series Tradition

REVIEW: The latest version of the venerable ThinkPad T-series laptop computer still looks like its many ancestors, but it’s thinner, lighter and faster, while retaining the legendary T-series toughness.

HPE Opens High-Performance Flash Storage for Midsize Businesses

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company was busy this week releasing a flotilla of new infrastructure items aimed at cost-conscious small and midrange customers.

Dell EMC Updates Newest Servers for Azure, SQL Server

IT transformation itself isn’t news; that’s what been keeping the tech business in business for more than three generations. This, however, is about server upgrades that add much more functionality than previously.

Velocity Micro ProMagix RS Workstations Priced for High-End Buyers SLIDESHOW

Velocity Micro's ProMagix RS PC workstations have top-end components for buyers who are prepared to pay extra for powerful computers.

Why the Mainframe Needs to Become More Mainstream SLIDESHOW

While the mainframe is still too valuable for organizations to give up, it must evolve for modern-day computing. This slide show offers tips on doing so.

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