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IBM Watson

IBM Launches Machine Learning for z System Mainframes

New machine learning platform enables data scientists to automate the creation, training and deployment of operational analytic models.
microsoft arm

Microsoft Says It Will Use ARM Chips in New Cloud Servers

New Project Olympus cloud server, introduced last year, uses an open-source design obtained through the OCP. Intel's not pleased with the development.

Oracle Starts Laying Off 1,800 Hardware Employees

Oracle's long-running high-end chips business and its correlated Unix-based Solaris operating system both appear to be headed for the Computer Tech Museum.
Daily Briefing 1213B

New Kubernetes Release Enables Container Management on Windows Server VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Kubernetes 1.5 brings container management to Windows; Cisco Security Business Group continues to accelerate growth; BMC makes change at top, selects former Polycom CEO; and there's more.

Compuware Buys Mainframe DevOps Provider Standardware

Standardware's software reduces the time, cost and technical difficulty associated with the development and testing of IMS mainframe systems.
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Microsoft Sets Sights on Building Practical Quantum Computer VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft Starts Quantum Computer Development Program; Cerber Ransomware Expands Database Encryption Attacks; IBM Debuts Watson Internet of Things Services Practice; and there's more.
Microsoft Quantum Computer

Microsoft Plans to Build a Quantum Computer

Microsoft has appointed Veteran executive Todd Holmdahl to lead the company's efforts to build a scalable quantum computer.
China, U.S. Retain Tops Spots on Global Supercomputers List

China, U.S. Retain Tops Spots on Global Supercomputers List SLIDESHOW

The 48th edition of the Top500 supercomputer list, which is updated twice a year, contains few surprises. As with previous lists, China and the United States continue to lead other technologically advanced countries around the world in building advanced supercomputers. In fact, the two countries’...

Researcher Forecasts Rising Component Prices in 2017

Compared with other device markets, the tablet market will be relatively quiet in 2017, reports Taiwan-based researcher TrendForce.

Cray, SGI Awarded $52 Million in Federal Supercomputer Contracts

The two companies will supply systems as part of the DOD's ongoing program to upgrade its capabilities in high-performance computing.
data center

Microsoft Unveils Project Olympus OCP Server Hardware

The company switches gears, contributing new server designs to the Open Compute Project much earlier during the development process.
data center

IBM, OpenPower Foundation Make Push into Europe

At the first OpenPower Summit on the continent, the group unveiled new projects and offerings based on the open architecture.

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