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Why Xilinx Will Disrupt Itself When New ACAP Chip Launches

An ACAP is suited to accelerate a large set of applications in the emerging era of big data and artificial intelligence. These use cases include video transcoding, database, data compression, search, AI inference, genomics and others.

Seven Ways Enterprises Are Using Supercomputers to Solve Global Issues SLIDESHOW

From reducing famine to saving lives through advanced weather forecasting, organizations are using supercomputers to solve some of the world's most complicated issues.
Daily Tech Briefing March 8, 2018

Google's 72-Qubit Bristlecone Puts 'Quantum Supremacy' Within Reach VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google previews the largest quantum computing processor to date; the DDoS record is broken again as memcached attacks hit 1.7 Tbps; Microsoft revamps the privacy setup experience in Windows 10; and there's more.
Google Bristlecone Quantum Processor

Google Previews Largest Quantum Computing Processor to Date

At 72 qubits, Google's Bristlecone quantum processor comfortably exceeds the capacity of the 50-qubit processor IBM introduced last November

Rising Data Center Demand Pushes Up Server DRAM Revenue

The supply of server DRAM has not kept up with demand, even though suppliers have assigned more capacity to their server product lines. Large data center projects in North America have contributed to the strong demand, researcher said.

Dell EMC Adds Epyc-Based Servers to Portfolio

The new systems bolster Dell EMC’s 14th-generation portfolio, providing enterprises with another processor option other than Intel and reinforcing the vendor's efforts to deliver compute capabilities to the network edge.
Windows Server Containers Trimmed Down

Microsoft Cuts Windows Server Core Containers Down to Size

Downloads of base Windows Server Core containers are 30 percent smaller than before in preview build 17079.

IT Science Case Study: Helping the Sheriff Get the Job Done

The County of San Mateo’s aging server infrastructure and lack of physical space made it difficult to support operations and take on new IT projects. Here’s how it handled the problem.

IT Science Case Study: Consolidating to a Single Virtual Platform

Canada's Long & McQuade needed a solution that would modernize their infrastructure with high availability and virtualization capabilities but could be managed with limited IT personnel resources.
IBM Quantum Computing Efforts

IBM Making Progress in Quantum Computing With Q Systems

IBM is showing progress in its quantum computing development efforts with the announcement of a 20-qubit processor and the introduction of the first customers that will have early access to the system.

Krzanich Says Intel to Focus on IoT, AI, 5G Wireless for Future Growth

In a memo to employees, Brian Krzanich says that taking risks and making bold moves into growth markets is now the “new normal” at the chip maker.
AMD Server Chips

AMD Racks Up Cloud Server Wins With Baidu, Microsoft

Cloud services providers Baidu and Microsoft will use AMD’s new EPYC server chips in their cloud environment, helping AMD in its efforts to grow its server ambitions.

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