Cynthia Harvey

Cynthia Harvey is a freelance writer and editor based in the Detroit area. She has been covering the technology industry for more that fifteen years.

AI Ethics: An Overview

Artificial intelligence has progressed to the point where machines are capable of performing tasks that people once thought could only be done by humans. This rise in the power...

What Is Deep Learning?

If your organization is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) on any kind of widespread basis, chances are good that you have some deep learning projects in...

What Is Edge Computing? Your Complete Guide

In a nutshell, edge computing is any computing that occurs on the edge of the network rather than in a centralized server. If you dig deeper into edge, you'll see...

Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies 2022

Clearly, digital transformation companies – often consultancies – meet a great market demand: most enterprises are currently involved in some sort of digital transformation. In fact, a 2021 Gartner...

Digital Transformation Guide: Definition, Types & Strategy

It's hard to pinpoint the first use of the phrase "digital transformation," but it has been around since at least 2012. And of course, the process of digitization, or...

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