John Lettice

Failed Windows XP Upgrade Downs 60,000 UK Govt PCs

Most of the desktop computers in the UKs Department for Work and Pensions were paralyzed for four days on Monday, when a failed upgrade took them offline. The outage,...

3GSM 2004: Whither the Battle of Smart Phones?

Quite a few dogs failed to bark at 3GSM in Cannes this week, and some of those that did emitted a strange yelp rather than the throatier vulpine sound...

(Not) Making the Connection at 3GSM

Some people would have you believe that 3GSM World Congress 2004 in Cannes that just ended was the crowning moment when 3G really started to take off. But dont...

3G: Which Comes First, the Handsets or the Services?

The old blame game surfaced at the 3GSM World Congress when Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin claimed it was all the handset manufacturers fault. The networks are ready and raring...

Who Truly Owns Symbian?

At the 3GSM World Congress this week Symbian CEO David Levin worked hard to counter the general impression that his company is either a wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia...

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