Zephin Livingston

Zephin Livingston is a content writer for eWeek, eWeek UK, IT Business Edge, and SoftwarePundit with years of experience in multiple fields including cybersecurity, tech, cultural criticism and media literacy. They're currently based out of Seattle.

Guide to Algorithms in AI

If you use the Internet in any capacity, you will inevitably run into algorithms. From Google’s search engine to Facebook’s timeline algorithms to the systems that help financial institutions...

Top Natural Language Processing Companies 2022

As more and more companies adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in a variety of sectors, these AI are inevitably put in positions where they have to interact with human beings....

Inside Job? Hands Up if You Like Payment Implants

In the classic cyberpunk landscapes of William Gibson’s Neuromancer or the popular roleplaying game Shadowrun, the distraught populace squirming under the boot of mega-corporations had two minor luxuries to...

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Across the world of enterprise and industry, few trends have seen as much rising investment as artificial intelligence (AI). From robotic process automation (RPA) to self-driving cars to AI-powered...

History of Artificial Intelligence

Of the myriad technological advances of the 20th and 21st centuries, one of the most influential is undoubtedly artificial intelligence (AI). From search engine algorithms reinventing how we look...

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