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Data Governance Provider Collibra Nets $50M in New VC

New York City-based Collibra brings a "data shopper's" approach to the task of finding and analyzing volumes of data.

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Security Provider Arxan Buys Apperian for Mobile Expertise

Arxan is adding much-needed mobile security management capabilities. Apperian's platform provides granular security and policy controls at the application level.

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Microsoft XBox One

Xbox One Multitasking Takes the Spotlight

The company offers a glimpse of its vision for the connected living room with the Kinect-powered, voice-enabled Xbox One.

How HP Is Revisiting and Improving Its PC Business

NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite what some analysts and industry people are saying, not all businesses can or will be run with tablets. 

Five Enterprise IT Game-Changers to Watch Closely

NEWS ANALYSIS: Here are five trends and companies that I'm currently watching that have the potential to bring significant positive change to enterprise IT.

New-Gen Zadara Brings Heavy-Duty Storage Services to Cloud

Newcomer Zadara launches a Virtual Private Storage Array that provides a unified storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) cloud service.

Twitter Explains Its Monetization Plans as IPO Nears

Twitter's future business will rely on a lot more than sponsored tweets--the main source of revenue at this time.
DEMO 2013

DEMO Fall 2013: 11 Innovative Startups That Caught eWEEK's Eye SLIDESHOW

The DEMO series of conferences are among the most well-known and respected of IT startup showcases, and for good reason. It's extremely difficult to get through all the vetting stages by venture capitalists and industry experts. If your company is lucky enough to simply get invited to the event,...

Digital Marketing Requires Fusion of Technology, Creative Vision

NEWS ANALYSIS: Today's digital enterprises, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, are recognizing that modern marketing requires a fusion of technology and creative vision.

Why Graph Search Is Moving Databases to a New Level

NEWS ANALYSIS: Open-source database features the most far-reaching search IT since Google started ranking Websites more than a decade ago.

MIT Emtech Conference Puts Spotlight on Innovative, Young Entrepreneurs

NEWS ANALYSIS: MIT’s Emtech conference highlighted the ideas of innovative, young entrepreneurs who are trying to solve some of the world’s serious problems.

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