Review: Borlands JBuilder X

JBuilder X extends but simplifies Borland's Java development suite, adding options to control feature visibility and offering novel improvements such as extensions for using's Customer Relationship Management services.

Borland Software Corp.s JBuilder X and Metrowerks Corp.s CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS, the latest development tool sets to arrive for review at eWEEK Labs, attack what we might call the plague of developer choice. The tool options facing an application developer have ballooned enormously beyond what used to be the fairly simple choice of a high-level programming language. The decision tree now leafs out into an intimidating array of platforms, subplatforms and frameworks.


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Developers want their tool sets to be correspondingly comprehensive, but that doesnt mean every possibility needs to be in the developers face every time a menu gets pulled down—or even every time the toolmakers bill must be paid.

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