OSS Eyes 128GB Opteron Server

The new server will be added to the company's Open Series family of systems.

Server maker Open Source Storage is shipping a new system running on Advanced Micro Devices Opteron chip that offers up to 128GB of memory.

The 1U (1.75-inch) 1000Q, which will be announced next week, is part of the Sunnyvale, Calif., companys new line of Open Series servers and follows OSS rollout in January of a 1U system with 64GB of memory, dubbed the RS 64. The Open Series systems are designed to be high-performing servers built with standard components, said OSS President and CEO Eren Niazi.

The company is targeting such customers as oil and gas companies, scientific institutions, and startups that need to do a lot of development work, Niazi said.

"They need to crunch a lot of numbers, or just want a lot of power and dont want to manage and buy a lot of servers," he said.

The 1000Q will come with four sockets, which combined with AMDs dual-core Opteron 880s give users essentially an eight-way server. Niazi said the system is designed to have the four processors on a single motherboard.

The companys servers currently come in a variety of models, including systems that range in size from 1U to 8U (14 inches). OSS also offers blade servers and later this year will roll out a new chassis designed to increase the server density available to users.

The servers support a wide range of operating systems, including multiple Linux variants, Microsofts Windows and Sun Microsystems Solaris.

One way the 5-year-old company—which also offers storage and cluster products—is trying to differentiate itself from its much larger competitors is by offering a build-to-order component, which lets the customer decide whats in the systems and then having OSS build them. Those systems usually ship within two weeks of being ordered, Niazi said.


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