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Daily Tech Briefing Nov. 30, 2018

Global IP Traffic to More Than Triple by 2022, Cisco Predicts VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Cisco predicts more IP traffic in the next five years than in history of the internet, and an AWS and Lockheed partnership brings satellites down to Earth.

5G Service Will Cover 40% of World's Population by 2024: Ericsson

And 5G subscriber growth will occur faster than the growth for the prior 4G LTE networks, according to a new survey from Ericsson.

Cisco Predicts More IP Traffic in Next 5 Years Than in History of Internet

INDUSTRY RESEARCH: In its latest Visual Networking Index (VNI), Cisco Systems predicts that by 2022, more IP traffic will cross global networks than in all prior internet years combined. That's, um, quite a load of traffic.

AWS, Lockheed Partnership Brings Satellites Down to Earth

FUTURE TECH: VERGE (Virtual Resilient Ground), which includes small, cube-like antennas about the size of bookshelf stereo speaker, which will be deployed at the AWS Ground Stations to communicate with satellites.

HPE Hones Its Edge Computing Offerings

At the company's Discover event in Spain, HPE officials introduce a new system, new management software and greater automation capabilities.
Daily Tech Briefing Nov. 26, 2018

FCC Launches All-Out War on Robo-Callers and Scammers VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: The FCC launches a new offensive against scam and robo calls, and Microsoft releases Azure Blockchain Development Kit.
Daily Tech Briefing Nov. 23, 2018

T-Mobile-Sprint Merger on Pace to Close as Early as Q1 2019 VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: The T-Mobile-Sprint merger clock will resume Dec. 4, and new AI capabilities are coming to Microsoft Power BI.

Why China Is Poised to Lead in Autonomous Cars, Robotics

NEWS ANALYSIS: China is the most aggressive country in terms of both autonomous car and electric car development and deployment. Currently, the U.S. leads, but it looks like China will pass the U.S. in terms of electric autonomous cars on the road before 2025.
Awake Security

Awake Security Debuts Network Traffic Analysis Platform to Detect Risks

Awake Security enters the cyber-security market with network traffic analysis technology that can help enterprises identify potential risks and cyber-threats.

FCC Launches New Offensive Against Scam, Robo Calls

NEWS ANALYSIS: Carriers were required to explain their plans for comprehensive call blocking on Nov. 19, with the ability to be in place in 2019.

Oracle to Add SD-WAN Capabilities Through Talari Deal

The giant enterprise software vendor becomes the latest top-tier tech company to gain a stronger foothold in the growing market through acquisition.
SonicWall TZ UTM

SonicWall Launches SD-WAN, Risk Metrics and New UTM Hardware

SonicWall is rolling out multiple updates to its product portfolio, including new Power over Ethernet-capable unified threat management hardware and SD-WAN capabilities.

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