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Qualcomm Enters PC Quality Wars

eWEEK PC HARDWARE ANALYSIS: Qualcomm’s problem is that apps on Windows were developed for x86 and have, at times, run poorly on Qualcomm’s platform. To address that at Microsoft Ignite this week, the company announced, along with Microsoft, an expanded App Assure program so that those buying...

Apple’s iOS 14 and the Upgrade Decision

eWEEK DEVICE ANALYSIS: Upgrades to iOS 14, the latest version of the iPhone operating system, came with warnings of a need for extreme caution by some in the media.
HP EliteBook 840G7

HP EliteBook 830/840 G7: Impressive Balance of Design, Performance

eWEEK LAPTOP REVIEW: HP’s benchmarking reports a significant performance advantage from the most recent model, the G6, to the new G7. Even over its most recent model, HP reports a substantial 21% performance increase.

IBM Z and Linux Innovation: 20 Years and Counting

eWEEK INNOVATION PERSPECTIVE: IBM was ahead of its time in relationship to the upstart Linux operating system in the mid-1990s. Twenty years later and a huge amount of innovation later, IBM and the open source system are partners in thousands of systems globally.

Microsoft Surface Duo: The Smartphone That Hits Where You Live

eWEEK PRODUCT REVIEW: This device is designed for the dedicated Microsoft 365 user who needs something more portable than a laptop and doesn’t want to carry two devices.

How Intel Optane Helps Unify the Memory-Storage Pool

eWEEK PROCESSOR ANALYSIS: While Optane can't quite match DRAM in speed, it has the advantage of persistence. That is, it doesn't need electricity to retain its state, and this can be very valuable to an enterprise system.

How NVIDIA is Shaking Up the Graphics Processor Market

eWEEK PROCESSOR ANALYSIS: We are seeing a major change in how we think of PC graphics, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that NVIDIA is leading the way.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7: First True Showcase of AMD’s Mobile Promise

eWEEK PRODUCT REVIEW: For those working from home--given there is a massive shortage of good laptops at the moment--this might be a time to consider an AMD product, assuming you can get one before they run out.

Acer's New Ruggedized Tablets Can Defend Themselves Just Fine

eWEEK PRODUCT REVIEW: With its new Enduro line of devices--which includes ruggedized laptops and notebooks--Acer is jumping right in to compete with more established device makers such as Dell, Samsung and Panasonic.

IBM Debuts Long-Awaited POWER10 Processors

eWEEK PROCESSOR ANALYSIS: The development of POWER10 took over five years and resulted in hundreds of new and pending patents. The new solutions will deliver significant novel features and capabilities.
Lattitude 9510

Dell’s Latitude 9510: Transforming WFH Into Working From Anywhere

eWEEK PRODUCT ANALYSIS: Dell’s new Latitude 9510 2-in-1 is a prime example of the innovations that customers can expect from a vendor that understands the needs of workers and workplaces as well as Dell.

Why NVIDIA GeForce Now May Preview Cloud Desktop Future

eWEEK CLOUD PERSPECTIVE: GeForce Now is a production cloud gaming platform that performs as a showcase for what NVIDIA’s technology can do when properly implemented and configured in a cloud solution. It may be running cloud desktop PCs in the near future.

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