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AMD vs. Intel: The Adverse Impact of Massive Layoffs, Bad Leadership

eWEEK MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE: Intel remains both the more powerful and the more profitable company, but its valuation has taken a pounding due to organizational issues. The company is well on the way to a major correction.

Why Intel Reorganization Is Important for IT Industry to Understand

eWEEK PERSPECTIVE: An organizational streamlining failed to detect a defect mode in Intel’s 7nm manufacturing process that resulted in yield degradation and added six more months to Intel’s already delayed 7nm product rollout. Leadership has been realigned.

Why We Shouldn't Ignore Impact of Bad Audio on Employee Well-Being

eWEEK DATA POINTS: As more and more employees move to work-from-home environments, daily micro-frustrations are becoming part of a more concerning overall picture.

Next for Commercial Drones? Insights from Flight Data

eWEEK AERIAL PERSPECTIVE: The infusion of artificial intelligence into drones opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

Why a Desktop PC Makes More Sense than a Laptop Today

eWEEK PC HARDWARE PERSPECTIVE: The entire work model we built the concept of laptops around not only doesn’t exist anymore, it may not ever exist again.

Lenovo Launched AMD Threadripper Workstation and Angels Sang

eWEEK WORKSTATION ANALYSIS: This new workstation is enormous for both AMD and Lenovo, and for the lucky engineers, animators, architects and artists that get a hold of this thing, it will be like angels sang.

Aruba Acquires Silver Peak to Strengthen Its SD-WAN Portfolio

eWEEK NETWORKING ANALYSIS: Silver Peak rounds out Aruba’s network expertise nicely.

Why AMD's Ryzen 9 3900XT Chip Brings a Little Extra Edge

eWEEK PERSPECTIVE: AMD's launches have that little extra excitement, the products that little extra performance, and the result is it gets a nice sales pop as a result.

Peripherals: EPOS Launches New UC Headsets Certified for Microsoft Teams

eWEEK PRODUCT NEWS: The newly formed EPOS company has launched a new line of wired headsets that have been certified for Microsoft Teams.

How to Select a Business Laptop

eWEEK PRODUCT ANALYSIS: The best way to choose the right laptop for your business is to first figure out what you want it to do.

Why the Intel-Apple Split Is Good for Intel

eWEEK IT PARTNERSHIPS PERSPECTIVE: Relationships like the one Intel and Qualcomm once had with Apple are like marriages. There are good ones and bad ones; this one wasn't good.

How IBM Is Changing Commercial High-Performance Computing

eWEEK HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING ANALYSIS: Big Blue, long a leader in creating some of the industry’s fastest and most powerful supercomputers, is developing new innovations that will make world-class HPC more accessible, effective and affordable than ever before.

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