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Idaptive Looks to Reduce Identity and Access Management Friction

Months after becoming a separate stand-alone business from Centrify, Idaptive is now launching its unified approach to helping organizations manage identity and access.

Netography Emerges With Autonomous Flow-Based DDoS Defense Service

The network security startup emerges from stealth with a service that looks to provide more network packet level visibility to organizations, to detect and then block potential DDoS attacks.
Confidential Computing

Google Set to Advance Confidential Computing With Asylo Project

Google is looking to further the development and advancement of a model for security known as confidential computing, which will help to protect the integrity of workloads, wherever they're running.
Airline Laptop Ban

Major Airlines at Risk From Check-In System Flaw, Wandera Reports

A relatively simple flaw in how some airlines provide e-ticketing information could be exposing passengers to risk.

Zscaler Cloud Security: Product Overview and Insight

Zscaler is uniquely positioned to help companies migrate to the cloud and keep them secure once there.
Daily Tech Briefing Feb. 5, 2019

Mozilla Improves Privacy, Security in Firefox 65 VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Mozilla improves privacy controls in Firefox 65, and IBM warns of Apple Siri shortcut scareware risk.
Google Safer Internet Day Research

Password Reuse Remains a Barrier to Safer Internet Use

In support of Safer Internet Day, Google conducted research to gain insight into behavior that might be putting users at risk, with password issues being a primary concern.
Extreme Networks Defender for IoT

Extreme Networks Looks to Protect Enterprises From IoT Security Risks

Protecting against potentially malicious activity by internet of things devices is a challenge that Extreme Networks wants to help solve with its Defender for IoT technology.

How to Get the Most Out of Enterprise Knowledge Assets Using Search

The demise of the Google Search Appliance (announced in early 2016) marked the end of the flawed dream of off-the-shelf, one-size-mostly-fits-all enterprise search solutions. In its place is the promise of rich search-based applications that can search, explore and analyze enterprise information....

Why U.S. Firms Are Less Cyber-Secure Than They Think

eWEEK DATA POINTS: In a world in which smart companies such as Facebook, Yahoo and Target can fall victim to hackers, how prepared can regular businesses of all types be?
Monthy Video Recap January 2019

Why Enterprises Need a Multilayered Approach to Security VIDEO

JANUARY RECAP VIDEO: To protect yourself, your enterprise must adopt a multilayered approach to security. eWEEK looks at eight levels of security to help mitigate attacks.
Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 31, 2019

Microsoft's Nadella Calls for US to Adopt Privacy Laws Similar to GDPR VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft's CEO says privacy is a basic human right and calls for a global GDPR, and the U.S. government warns of a DNS hijacking risk.

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