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Geekspeak: October 8, 2001

Trinux provides ram-based Linux to go.

New Vulnerability Found in CDE

Security researchers have found a vulnerability in a popular Unix GUI program that could enable an attacker to gain root privileges on a victim's computer. The problem stems from a format string vulnerability in the Common Desktop Environment, an open-sou

Study Shows Four Versions Of Linux Surpass Unix

Four versions of Linux have outstripped UnixWare in D.H. Brown Associates' comparative analysis of operating systems, the first time Linux has surpassed any version of Unix.

Management Tool Keeps Linux Systems in Tune

Systems management startup Aduva is trying to reduce the cost of managing free software.

Sun, IBM to Pump Up High-End Servers

Competition in the Unix server market will heat up in the coming weeks with the release of two systems from market leaders Sun Microsystems Inc. and IBM.

Linux on Mainframe Gains Momentum

E-businesses looking for more of the kind of stability and reliability found only in mainframe computers suddenly have a few new solutions to help them get there.

Red Hat Announces Embedded Linux Developer Suite

Leading Linux distributor Red Hat has announced Embedded Linux Developer Suite. The product is aimed at developers working on applications for mobile and embedded system devices.

Linux Gains Respect

At LinuxWorld in San Francisco last week, IBM and Compaq differed, not on whether Linux will penetrate the corporation, but mainly on how far it can go with its current capabilities.

Ideas for Becoming a Corporate Hero

Talk about pressure. I was speaking early last week with an IT manager who was describing how he had been faring under the current reality of tight budgets and staff cutbacks

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