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Aaron Levie Box

How Box Plans to Disrupt the Era of Conventional Storage

The whole idea is to bring to users secure access to all files stored in Box with the familiar feel of traditional network-shared drives.

Microsoft Previews Space-Saving OneDrive Feature on Windows 10

Files stored exclusively on Microsoft's cloud still show up in File Explorer using the OneDrive Files On-Demand feature.

Remote Connectivity Firm LogMeIn Moves Into Cloud CRM With Bold360 SLIDESHOW

LogMeIn has mainly been known a provider of remote computer and file access tools since it was founded in 2003. But now the company has introduced a cloud CRM application called Bold360

AWS Planning Launch of New Region for Its GovCloud Service

The new U.S.-East cloud-service region will provide users with added workload redundancy, data durability and resiliency, and it will provide additional options for disaster recovery.
uber driver

Uber Needs New Senior Management to Achieve Stability, Maturity

NEWS ANALYSIS: Over the course of a few months, the ride-sharing giant finds the wheels coming off as it faces criminal investigations, lawsuits, executive departures and mass firings.
Facebook F8 Keynote

Facebook Reportedly Rescues Canceled MTV Show for Video Business

Now appears to be a pretty opportune time to enter the internet streaming business, right at the beginning of a new age of internet-based mobile entertainment.

eWEEKchat June 14: New Roles for AI in Enterprise, Consumer IT

Business is now all about the “customer experience.” Artificial intelligence is the main ingredient for making this happen on a mainstream basis; let's chat about this huge trend on June 14.
The Long and Winding Road From Yahoo to Altaba

Big Job Cuts Coming after $4.48 Billion Verizon-Yahoo Deal Closes

Verizon Plans to Merge Yahoo's Web properties with its AOL unit in quest of a bigger share of mobile advertising revenue.
Cloud App Cost

Costs of Cloud Computing at Odds With Growing Complexity

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cloud customers are dealing with confusion over cloud computing costs and the complexity of the services they are paying for. Some are finding cloud-based applications can get very expensive as demand spikes for certain services.

Microsoft Shuttering Office File Sharing Site

|, Microsoft's public online repository for Office files, will shut down later this year. LinkedIn's SlideShare service will pick up the slack.

With HomePod, Apple Makes Belated Entry Into Smart Home Market SLIDESHOW

Apple is counting on the HomePod to be a hot seller when it's released in December in time for the holiday shopping season. But the Amazon Echo and Google Home have a long head start to define the smart home assistant market.
salesforce logo

Salesforce to Help Sales Reps With Einstein Account-Based Marketing

Meeting the needs of both marketing and sales departments with an integrated solution is a tricky proposition, but says its new Einstein Account-based Marketing system delivers the goods.

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