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IBM, Salesforce Agree for Watson, Einstein to 'Marry'

IT giants name each other as preferred services providers and will offer all-new customer engagement platform for sales and service.

IBM Outlines Prospects for Java in 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS: Born back in 1995, Java remains one of the most popular programming languages in use, particularly for client-server web applications, with an estimated 9 million developers. Its beauty is that it’s an evolving technology.

Google Introduces Open Source Framework for Testing Docker Images

Google’s Container Structure Test framework will let cloud system administrators test and validate the structure of Docker images, the company says.
Visual Studio CodeTalk

Microsoft Tackles IDE Accessibility With Visual Studio Extension

The company's new CodeTalk extension for Visual Studio helps blind and visually-impaired developers

How Predictive Software Engineering Can Smooth Development Processes SLIDESHOW

A predictive software engineering framework can greatly improve the collaboration and the results of remote software development teams. Here's how.

Coding Languages Every Developer Should Learn in 2018

Coding Dojo came to its findings by analyzing the hundreds of thousands of job postings that contained the name of a programming language on job search engine

IT Science Case Study: How Chef Cooked Up Better Security

Chef is an innovative, fast-moving company that is driven by speed to market using a DevOps approach to engineering. It needed a better security system, and it found one.

Predictions 2018: Why Serverless Processing May Be Wave of the Future

Amazon's AWS Lambda is the biggest and best-known example of serverless computing, whose days ahead are enticing to more than a few IT managers.
Windows 10 SSH Tools

New Native SSH Client in Windows 10 to Aid Developers, Administrators

The Windows 10 Fall Creators update allows users to try out beta version of Microsoft's native Secure Shell Client to establish encrypted connections to remote and cloud servers.
Microsoft Chatbot APIs

Microsoft Officially Launches AI Bot-Creation Services for Developers

Microsoft's new Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding service can help developers create enterprise-grade AI chatbots.
Quantum computing

Microsoft Releases Free Preview of Quantum Development Kit

The new developer toolkit can help Visual Studio users get started on their quantum computing coding projects.

Caspio Releases New Low-Code, Automated Visual Development Tools

Low-code platform enables citizen developers to define custom application logic using a visual drag-and-drop editor.

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