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Open Source Testing

Google Rolls Out Continuous Fuzzing Service for Open Source Software

Google's new OSS-Fuzz software testing service only be available at least initially for really large and critical open source projects
Google App Maker 2

Google Launches 'Low Code' Development Tool That Works With G Suite

Google App Maker will enable developers to quickly build applications that readily integrate with G Suite applications such as Gmail, Docs and Drive, the company says.
Citizen developers

9 Ways Citizen Developers are Changing the Software Landscape SLIDESHOW

We've been moving toward this for more than 15 years: The rise of citizen development of software apps. This is the creation—or ideation, if you will—of business applications and application features by the employees who use them. Citizen developers is a clear trend as 2016 wanes, and a specialized...
Android Developer Scholarships 2

Google to Award 10,000 Android Developer Scholarships for EU Residents

Google will work with global media giant Bertelsmann and e-learning company Udacity to administer the scholarship program to train Android developers in Europe.
Google Samsung .NET

Google, Samsung Back Microsoft's .NET Development Framework

Microsoft's not done causing a stir in open-source software community. The company's .NET Foundation rolls out the welcome mat for Google and Samsung.
Visual Studio Mac 2

Microsoft Finally Confirms Rumors Visual Studio Coming to macOS

The rumors were true. Microsoft's developer toolkit, based on the its acquisition of Xamarin, finally arrives on the Mac.
GitHub Upgrade

GitHub Enterprise 2.8 Upgrade Ready For Business Projects

Business section of GitHub upgraded with host of new features including projects tool and code review.

Google Now a Major API Player with Closing of Apigee Deal

Under terms of the agreement, Apigee stockholders will receive $17.40 per share in cash, for a total value of approximately $625 million. 

Thread Group Unveils Developer Resources to Drive IoT Spec Adoption

The industry consortium is offering a reference test bed, test harness and access to its test lab to members as they develop their IoT products.

Microsoft Advances 'Any Developer, Any App, Any Platform' Strategy

Microsoft continues to advance its strategy of providing the best tools for developers to build any application for any platform, and the results seem positive.
engineering pay

APIs Help Drive Revenue, Market Cap Increases

New research out of API management firm Apigee and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that API adoption helps drive revenue increases.
mobile security

North American Developers View Cyber-Warfare as Top Threat

A recent Evans Data survey showed that North American developers consider nation-state-sponsored cyber-warfare as the primary threat to security.

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