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Evernote Touch Bar

Evernote Embraces MacBook Pro's Touch Bar for Faster Note Taking SLIDESHOW

Fans of the Evernote application for taking and organizing notes can now take advantage of the Touch Bar on Apple's MacBook Pro laptop.

RancherOS 1.0 Container-Optimized Linux Operating System Debuts

Rancher Labs releases the 1.0 milestone of its purpose-built Linux operating system, designed to help secure and enable container application deployment.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Enhances External User Collaboration with Azure AD B2B

Azure AD B2B Collaboration is now generally available, allowing enterprises and their partner organizations to get on the same page while minimizing risks.

VMware's vSAN 6.6 First to Debut Native HCI Security

Virtualization king has optimized its wares for the hot hyperconverged, hyperscale and high-performance enterprise markets.
Ubuntu 17.04

Canonical Enhances Its Ubuntu Linux OS With 'Zesty Zapus' Release SLIDESHOW

Canonical updates its Linux OS with the Ubuntu 17.04 "Zesty Zapus" release, which includes a technical preview of the Unity 8 desktop despite a migration to GNOME in 2018.

Why Hyperscale Cloud Providers Are Gobbling Up Marketshare

According to new research released April 11, more than two-thirds of the key cloud service markets are owned by only a couple of dozen major-league players.

Why Facebook's Instant Article Initiative Has Hit Snags in First Year

After a relatively short period of time, a number of publishers are dissatisfied with the payback from Facebook Instant Articles pages. In other words, the Instant Articles idea isn't producing instant income.
Windows 10

Microsoft Begins Rollout of Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft begins distributing the anticipated operating system update, but users may have to wait unless they take matters into their own hands.
Microsoft Windows 10 Security

Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Creators Update Evaluation for Businesses

IT professionals can now take evaluation versions of the operating system update and its new security and management features for a spin.
Daily Video 407

Windows 10 Creators Update to Include More Privacy Controls VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Windows 10 Creators Update to give users more data privacy control; Canonical ends Ubuntu Unity Linux desktop in favor of GNOME; Google updates Kubernetes cloud container management capabilities; and there's more.
Microsoft .NET Future

Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7 Includes Major UI Enhancements

Developers can now take advantage of Windows 10 Creators Update's new high-DPI enhancements for sharper screens, touch input tweaks and improved stylus support.

Clarizen Upgrades Its Cloud-based Collaboration Toolset

Clarizen's collaborative work management provides a full-fledged project planning and execution package that improves productivity levels so that project leaders and their teams can get their work done on time.

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