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Daily Tech Video 324

Android Oreo Mobile OS Preview Reaches Developers

DAILY VIDEO: Google releases early developers preview of Android O; Google continues to make strides in improving Android security; HashiCorp Vault Enterprise update manages distributed secrets; and there's more.
iPad 9.7 2017

Why the New 9.7-Inch iPad Might Jumpstart Becalmed Apple Tablet Sales SLIDESHOW

The most important feature of the new 9.7-inch iPad might be its $329 price tag, which makes it the most affordable large-screen tablet Apple has introduced to date.
Android O Developers Release

Google Releases Early Developers Preview of Android O

The latest version of Google's mobile operating system, named Android O or Oreo, is mostly all about incremental feature updates.
android security

Google Continues to Make Strides in Improving Android Security

Google made significant strides in 2016 to get more Android devices updated and reduce the number of harmful applications, but more work remains.
Cebit 2017

Innovation at CeBIT Leans Heavily Toward the Internet of Things SLIDESHOW

Some of the most popular exhibits at the 2017 CeBIT show are from startup companies that are demonstrating some highly creative thinking.

What to Look For in Samsung Galaxy 8 Big-Screen Smartphone SLIDESHOW

Market rumors indicate Samsung is getting ready to introduce the Galaxy Note 8, the replacement for the previous large-screen smartphone model that was recalled because of overheating batteries.
Microsoft Surface Book

10 Features We Want to See in a Microsoft Surface Book 2 SLIDESHOW

There is renewed speculation that Microsoft is getting ready to introduce a Surface Book 2 hybrid device with a higher-resolution screen and an updated Intel processor.
Mobile Malware

Unsecured Apple, Android Smartphones Are Major Security Threats

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple and Android smartphones that lack augmented security measures leave high-priority hacking targets, such as President Donald Trump, vulnerable to electronic spying.
LG Stylo 3 Handset

Large-Screen LG Stylo 3 Comes to Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile

The Nougat-based handset includes a 5.7-inch HD touch-screen display, an enhanced stylus and a fingerprint sensor for security for $180.
Mobile Malware

Google Weeds Out Large Family of Unwanted Apps on Android Ecosystem

Google engineers discovered a rogue family, dubbed Chamois, that generated a large volume of invalid ad traffic, illegal app promotion and installation activity that was difficult to root out because of the lengths it went to avoid detection.
Computer vision

What Intel's $15.3 Billion Mobileye Buyout Means for Self-Driving Cars SLIDESHOW

Intel, seeking to acquire critical technology for self-driving cars, is spending $15.3 Billion to acquire Mobileye, an Israeli developer of computer vision and machine-learning systems.

Apple Has Been Field Testing New iPads Since September, Analysis Shows

NEWS ANALYSIS: If past market indicators hold true, the Apple is about to introduce several new iPads models, but perhaps not all at the same time.

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