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Microsoft patches

Latest Shadow Brokers Windows Exploits Already Patched by Microsoft

The Shadow Brokers hacker group releases a set of 13 exploits, but Microsoft provides a rapid response, downplaying the current risk.
Word Flaw Cyber-Spy

Criminals, Intelligence Agents Shared Zero-Day Microsoft Word Flaw

The same exploit using a zero-day security flaw patched by Microsoft this week was used to spread malicious software used by cyber-criminals and cyber-spies, according to FireEye.
Format Preserving Encryption

HPE Secures FIPS Validation for Format-Preserving Encryption

A decade after first inventing Format-Preserving Encryption, Hewlett Packard Enterprise now has a key government stamp of approval.
Capsule8 Co-Founder Dino Dai Zovi

Capsule8 Building Container-Aware Security Platform for Linux VIDEO

VIDEO: Capsule8 co-founders Dino Dai Zovi and John Viega talk about container security and their startup's plans to provide a new approach for reducing risk.

IT Professionals Feel Security Pressure From Cloud, Others' Breaches SLIDESHOW

There are a lot of different security reasons why IT professionals feel pressure in their jobs, according to Trustwave's 2017 Security Pressures Report. Here is a look at the main pressure points.

Latest Tax Scams Pressure Businesses With Emails, Phone Calls

NEWS ANALYSIS: While most of tax scams have been aimed at individual taxpayers, there are some new scams aimed at businesses that will try to approach your employees.
Authentic8 silo web gateway

Authentic8 Improves Virtual Web Browser with Web Gateway Integration

Security vendor improves its Silo disposable web browser technology, making it easier for organizations to deploy.
Pwn2own 2017

Adobe Patches Vulnerabilities First Disclosed at Pwn2Own 2017

Adobe's April patch update provides fixes for 59 security vulnerabilities, including five that were first publicly demonstrated at the Pwn2Own 2017 hacking contest in March.

Microsoft Patches Critical Zero-Day Exploit in Office Suite

This Patch Tuesday, Microsoft issues a fix for a zero-day vulnerability in the Office productivity suite that attackers were actively exploiting.

Kelihos Botnet Disrupted as Russian Hacker is Arrested

The alleged operator of the Kelihos botnet has been arrested, as the DOJ aims to disrupt the botnet's spam and ransomware operations.

eWEEKchat April 12: Why Behavioral Biometrics Is Key to New-Gen Security

Please join us April 12 for an eWEEKchat about behavioral biometrics and why they might be the key to stronger IT security at several different levels.
Daily Video 410

National Foreign Trade Council Website Hit by Chinese Hackers VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Chinese nation-state hackers target U.S in Operation TradeSecret; SAP report finds digital technology isn’t improving collaboration; Google claims progress reducing fake business listings on Maps, Search; and there's more.

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