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Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 3, 2018

Facebook Reveals That Trio of Bugs Led to Data Breach VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Facebook data breach extended to third-party applications, and Oracle improves security and performance in Java 11.
Matthew Maglieri

How Ashley Madison Recovered From Its Massive Data Breach

At SecTor, the CISO of Ruby Life, the parent company of breached infidelity website Ashley Madison, details the steps the company has taken to improve security.
Karen Elazar SecTor

Why Organizations Should Embrace Friendly Hackers

At SecTor, security researcher Keren Elazari provides insight on the current cyber-security landscape and explains why hackers could be the answer to current challenges.
Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 2, 2018

New Type of Malware Developed by Russian Hackers Eludes Discovery VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: New Russian malware can embed itself in PC firmware, and Kubernetes 1.12 improves cloud-native security with TLS Bootstrap.
CSE SecTor

How the Government of Canada Is Improving Cyber-Security

At SecTor, the head of Canada's newest cyber-security agency outlines a low-key approach to making the country's systems less attractive to attackers.

What a CIO Needs to Know About Cloud Security

Knowing how secure the cloud is can help you determine your company’s policies for organizational use of public cloud services.

Building Security in Maturity Model Expands for Cloud Era

The ninth iteration of the BSIMM best practices for security model, adds new components for cloud control, including the use of container orchestration frameworks.

Key Considerations for Financing Enterprise Disaster Recovery

It’s not enough to plan for the technical aspects of data recovery only. To ensure continued long term-success, businesses must also consider the financial costs associated with deploying a fail-proof disaster recovery plan across the business.
Inrupt solid

Web Founder Launches Inrupt to Improve Internet Privacy

Tim Berners-Lee announces a new startup effort called Inrupt that will advance the development of the open-source Solid specification to help restore user control of information.
Facebook data breach

Facebook Data Breach Extended to Third-Party Applications

Facebook denies claims that a hacker that was planning on live streaming a hack of Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page is connected to the data breach that impacts 90 million users.

How to Lock In Enterprise Security in the Age of Collaboration

While this “data everywhere” philosophy is great for efficiency, it’s devastating to traditional security models because they fail to protect data, especially when both the user and the data are beyond the security perimeter.
Facebook Data Sharing Probe

Facebook Resetting Access Tokens for 90M Users After Breach

Facebook reveals that somehow attackers were able to breach its systems and obtain user access tokens for at least 50 million accounts, triggering a reset involving at least 90 million user accounts.

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