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While New Malware Declines Overall, macOS Malware Spikes SLIDESHOW

According to McAfee Labs, new volumes of malware, ransomware and spam tapered off at the end of 2016, though macOS wasn't as fortunate.
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Symantec Links Vault 7 Tools With Longhorn Attacks Ongoing Since 2011

Symantec makes a connection between the Vault 7 hacking tools allegedly developed by the CIA and a group known as Longhorn that has attacked at least 40 different targets across 16 countries.

IBM Discovers Mirai IoT Botnet Deploying Bitcoin Mining Payload

IBM Security researchers discover a variant of the Mirai IoT botnet that was doing more than just performing DDoS attacks against targets.
Xen Project

Xen Patches Hypervisor Breakout Risk Without Breaking the Cloud

The open-source Xen virtualization project patches a security vulnerability that could have enabled an attacker to breakout from hypervisor isolation. But unlike a Xen flaw in 2014, this time public cloud providers do not have to reboot all their servers.

CounterTack Adds Data Loss Prevention to Endpoint Threat Platform

The security vendor bolsters the endpoint detection and response capabilities of its Endpoint Threat Platform with the addition of data loss prevention in a bid to reduce risk.

Chinese Nation-State Hackers Target U.S in Operation TradeSecret

Fidelis Cybersecurity releases a report providing insight into an attack against the National Foreign Trade Council website, allegedly conducted by nation-state backed attackers in China.
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Google Patches Android Security Vulnerabilities in April Update

Google's April update for Android, patches 15 new mediaserver flaws, six of which are rated as having critical impact.

IBM Report Details 2017 Tax Scams as IRS Filing Deadline Nears

As the Tax Day 2017 filing deadline of Tuesday April 18 nears, IBM is warning of an increase in tax-related spam and scams.

McAfee Restarts as an Independent Security Vendor Without Intel

Intel officially completes its spin-out of McAfee, enabling the security vendor to once again be an independent company, focussed on the evolving threat landscape.
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Seven Rules for Inclusion in the CSO's Security Playbook SLIDESHOW

Effective enterprise security requires understanding what does and doesn't work. Here's how to establish an effective enterprise security framework.
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Moonlight Maze Attack Still Relevant Two Decades After Initial Debut

Attack code that was first used in 1996 is still in use by attackers building malware in 2017, according to new research from Kaspersky Lab and Kings College London.
Old Malware Threats

Macro Malware, Aging Worms Continue to Pose Threat to Present Day

Macro malware, which is so 1990s, has made a comeback, joining other aging cyber-threats, such as PHP scripts and the Microsoft Slammer worm continue to top some favorite attack tools lists.

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