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Container Security, Management Advances Grab DockerCon EU Spotlight SLIDESHOW

Few technologies are as hyped today as is the open-source Docker container ecosystem. At the the DockerCon EU conference in Barcelona, Spain, held Nov. 16-17, developers, users and vendors from around the world gathered to not only learn more about Docker, but to also demonstrate new technologies...

How Docker Inc. Is Building a Foundation for a Profitable Business

VIDEO: Docker Inc. CEO Ben Golub discusses his company's commercial aspirations and how it is turning pilot projects into serious revenue.
Docker Universal Control Plane

Docker Debuts Universal Control Plane Management Service

The new technology, unveiled DockerCon EU, provides enterprise deployment and management capabilities.
Docker founder Solomon Hykes

Why Docker Is One of the Most Talked-About Technologies

Docker Inc. founder Solomon Hykes explains how Docker container virtualization has become one of the hottest technologies on the planet.

ContainerX Launches Itself, Beta of Container Dev Platform

ContainerX is a unified control environment for all containers allowing support for Linux and Windows, bare metal, virtual machines and clouds.
Daily Video 1015B

VMware Developing Ways to Use Encryption to Secure Virtualization VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: VMware aims to use encryption to secure virtualization; AMD Fellow Phil Rogers is the latest to leave the chip maker; Intel growth is fueled by data center business; and there's more.
VMware, network virtualization, encryption

VMware Aims to Use Encryption to Secure Virtualization

Network virtualization is a backbone that security can make use of with an approach VMware is referring to as Distributed Network Encryption.
Docker Hub

Docker Hub Expands Container Deployments, Development

The online development project repository for Docker containers apps grows dramatically in the 15 months since Docker Inc. introduced the technology.
VMworld 2015

VMworld 2015: Is VMware Trying to Do Too Much, Too Fast?

NEWS ANALYSIS: VMworld 2015 was, more than anything, the year of software-defined data centers, storage and containers.
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VMware Photon Platform to Work With Multiple Container Types VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: VMware rolls out the red carpet for containers with Photon; Uber hires jeep hackers to improve automobile security; Apple TV rumors: October delivery and prices under $200; and there's more.

Citrix Has Free Kit for Migrating From VMware Horizon to Xen

Free migration service offers a risk-free way to switch to Citrix, which the company says makes for an easier, more intuitive user experience and simplified management.

VMware Unveils Automation Tools for Building New-Gen Data Centers

EVO SDDC is positioned as the first fully automated software suite of tools and services for building a software-defined data center.

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