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Innovations In Reach

eWeek Labs examines 12 technologies that corporate IT must watch in 2001.

Instant messaging camps still divided

Trio of conflicting interoperability initiatives causing even further delays in choosing a standard.

Messaging for providers

A Finnish company has developed a platform for mobile messaging designed to enable a business model of "messaging service providers."

For Torvalds, The Revolution Was Fun

El gato winced when he heard harpercollins was publishing a celebrity's autobiography titled "Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary."

From The Trenches

More than a dozen people had crowded into the meeting room-employees from a business unit, from IT operations and from information security.

Three Certainties: Death, Taxes And Bugs

After my recent review of Netscape 6, i received e-mail from several users who had encountered bugs in the new Netscape browser.

Sites Visionary CTO: A Pathfinder

Michelle Decker maps's itinerary to beat competition.

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