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Data Governance Provider Collibra Nets $50M in New VC

New York City-based Collibra brings a "data shopper's" approach to the task of finding and analyzing volumes of data.

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Security Provider Arxan Buys Apperian for Mobile Expertise

Arxan is adding much-needed mobile security management capabilities. Apperian's platform provides granular security and policy controls at the application level.

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UN Will Back Project AdviseHer to Aid Women in STEM Education SLIDESHOW

From June 12 to 14 a group of about 130 people, invited by a British Airways/United Nations-sponsored initiative called UnGrounded and consisting of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, educators, venture capitalists, inventors and a few journalists, flew from San Francisco to London. Their ages ranged...

Google Continues WebRTC Innovations in New Video Game

WebRTC, which brings video chat to browsers without plug-ins, is a key part of the experimental Cube Slam video game from Google.

IT Thought Leaders Tackle Global STEM Issues in Meetup

A UN group takes to the skies to formulate concepts and solutions for global talent challenges that directly affect innovation, entrepreneurship and the economy around the world.

20 Cool Google Glass Voice Searches Get Results

Google Glass engineer Mike LeBeau is sharing a fun video about 20 cool searches made using Glass Voice Search.

Microsoft, Sony Face Off in the Battle for the Living Room

NEWS ANALYSIS: Retail pricing and used games emerge as a new front in the long-brewing rivalry between Microsoft and Sony.
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Xbox One Launches in November for $499

The Xbox One, Microsoft's next-generation gaming and media console, hits shelves this fall. Will gamers bite?
Amish Hackers

What Amish Hackers Could Teach Tech-Frenzied American Consumers

Amish families' adoption of technologies as they need them is in stark contrast to American society in general, which seems to jump on every tech craze.

IBM Builds Millimeter-Wave Transceiver for Mobile Comms, Radar Imaging

IBM Research has built a millimeter-wave transceiver for mobile communications and radar imaging applications that could revolutionize mobile infrastructure.

MakerBot Has a New Brooklyn Home, Ahead of 3D Scanner Release

Fast-growing 3D printer company MakerBot has a new Brooklyn, N.Y., factory where it's helping lead "the next industrial revolution."

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